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Advanced Data Processing Center for Space Research


"Thanks to QSAN's storage solution and Infovirgin Technology Solutions Private Limited's support, data security is enhanced and data access in our organization is more agile."

Mr. Ankit

Company Biography

One of the Space Research Organisation agencies of India involved in science, engineering and technology to harvest the benefits of outer space for India and mankind. It is a major constituent of the Department of Space (DOS) of the Government of India. The department executes the Indian Space Programme primarily through various Centres or units within Indian space research.

The prime objective of this organisation is the development and application of space technology for various national needs. To fulfill this objective, they have established major space systems for communication, television broadcasting and meteorological services, resources monitoring and management, and space-based navigation services. They have developed satellite launch vehicles PSLV and GSLV to place the satellites in the required orbits.

Advanced Data Processing Center for Space Research


The Challenge

Data itself, along with the sheer volume of it, was key to this organization in the research field. Accessing the data through servers was always a challenge and this space agency searched for a reliable solution which could store and access this large amount of data.

This center provides this data to scientists, governmental agencies, and private organizations across the globe. The data is used for a myriad of purposes, including but not limited to monitoring of the environment, improvement of accuracy of weather reporting, and assistance of disaster relief agencies, space behaviours.

The Solution

Infovirgin Technology Solutions private limited has indepth knowledge of storage technologies and therefore recommended QSAN XCubeNXT. It was a single Unit of XN8024D with 10G ports for high speed data transfer between users.The ZFS-powered NAS assured the data integrity and securely protection of digital assets.

The center uses this processing data from QSAN to distribute to other research institutes in India and other parts of world. This data adds fuel into their ongoing research project in space and Atmospheric experiment. "Three QSAN technologies—deduplication, WORM, Encrypted Replication provide more security and storage capacity at the same cost.", IRSO comments.

Advance Data Processing Center for Space Research Topology

The Benefits

With QSAN XN8024D as centralized storage with mutiple proptocals support, data security and data access is sped up.

Recommended Product

XCubeNXT 8000D

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • XInsight
  • Deduplication
  • WORM