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Ensuring the Security of Sensitive Medical Data in Verona


"We needed a storage device that could grant us high-level security and high-availability to protect our sensitive data. Thanks to Silverlake's recommendation for QSAN's unified storage, XN8024D met all our requirements."

Giacomo Lucchi - IT Manager

Company Biography

The CEMS (Specialized Medical Center) is a modern multi-specialist structure of about 3200 squared meters located in Verona (Italy). With more than 140 doctors, the purpose of the CEMS is to provide excellent and personalized healthcare services. On the ground floor there are 13 specialist clinics, where internationally renowned doctors work. The first floor is dedicated at radiodiagnostic activity, where the latest generation machines are at doctors' disposal and reports are drawn up in real time. CEMS also hosts the Trauma Service, the first private emergency orthopedic center in Verona where patients can access without a reservation for minor traumas. In the basement there are 13 other clinics, a gym and 4 boxes for physical and manual therapies.There are also two surgical clinics and an endoscopic clinic with the latest generation Olympus instruments.

Alongside medical purposes, CEMS also respects the wellbeing and enhancement of their patients, such as respect for their beliefs, conditions and different states of necessity. CEMS achieves this by breaking down any barrier, architectural or cultural, that may be interposed between the structure, the staff and the user who accesses the service.

Ensuring the security of sensitive medical data in Verona

The Challenge

CEMS needed to consolidate the storage of various Linux and Windows Servers and medical devices in a repository that could grant high-availability, support of various access protocols, protection of sensitive data from ransomware attacks, and easy expansion without hidden costs.

The Solution

Thanks to the valuable advice of CEMS' partner Silverlake, a system service provider that takes care of part of CEMS' infrastructure, the proposed QSAN XN8024D solution makes it easy for CEMS to meet capacity, data security and performance needs. Thanks to the QSM operating system's native Snapshot and Snapshot lock features, the support of various access protocols allows the center to consolidate the storage of the various Linux and Windows servers and medical devices, assuring simultaneous protection of sensitive data against malicious external attacks as well as ransomwares. The choice of QSAN XN8024D was also dictated by the need to adopt a storage system that could be highly scalable in the future without having to face excessive costs.

Ensuring the security of sensitive medical data in Verona

The Benefits

QSAN XN8024D offers high availability and good performance to secure sensitive data. The other key benefit of XN8024D is that it supports data growth cost effectively for years to come.    

Recommended Product

XCubeNXT 8000D

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Recommended Features

  • High Availability
  • Storage Scalability
  • Data Protection