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Famous Agricultural Holdings in EEU Accelerates the CRM with QSAN NVMe AFA


"Our CRM is demanding, but QSAN NVMe AFA XF3126D proved that storage is no longer the bottleneck."

IT Manager

Company Biography

One of the biggest agriculture holdings founded in the 19th century. The company produces high quality food of different  brands well known in Eastern Europe. The main competitive difference of the holding is the unification of large food enterprises. This allows to adhere to a unified quality policy, a common production and investment strategy, as well as comprehensive professional support. Since all cycles of the business process take place within one enterprise, the holding provides control over each stage of production, ensuring consistency in quality. The company is a powerful technological complex using the most advanced equipment of the leading world brands
agriculture holding in EEU

The Challenge

The main application that requires maximum resources is a CRM system based on MS SQL server. In addition to the main workload,  it is required to generate many types of different reports. Also, the current functionality of CRM is constantly enhanced and amended. This requires using snapshots technology to quickly check new application functions with the ability to roll the changes back. Due to the high performance requirements in terms of both IOPS and latency, only all flash storage solutions were considered.

The Solution

After market research, the choice fell on OSAN's XCubeFAS 3126D NVMe all flash array as the ideal high-speed storage solution with ultra low latency. XF3126D meets all the requirements of the most demanding business applications from the point of view of performance, flexibility, reliability and simplicity of deployment and management. The QSlife technology provides distinct SSD monitoring and ensures 100% accuracy of SSD utilization ratio. Moreover, the QReport technology provides real-time performance monitoring and up to 1-year histotical performance report to release IT admistrator's efforts to get control of storage usage and expansion. The market-proven leading price-performance ratio allows saving over 50% TCO than previous solution.
 Accelerates the CRM with QSAN NVMe AFA

The Benefits

This QSAN high-density NVMe all flash array with ultra-high performance at μs latency and optimized for the most effective SSD usage fits the critical enterprise infrastructure for companies of all sizes and market segments. Enterprise-grade reliability and cost-effectiveness allows companies to concentrate on business growing instead of spending a lot of efforts and resources on their IT.

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  • QSlife
  • QReport
  • Writable Snapshot