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"Fast data transfer, quick deployment, thorough implementation, and stable quality of use fulfills the hospital’s requirements of high performance to implement excellent, trustworthy medical care into the community."

Company Biography

Taipei Municipal Kuandu Hospital is a municipal hospital established by the Taipei City Government in the Kuandu area. Completed in 1999 and opened for use in July 2000, the hospital focuses on chronic disease medical care. Since its opening, its operations have been entrusted to Taipei Veterans General Hospital. It is the second outsourced municipal hospital in Taipei and one of the only two Taipei municipal hospitals that have not been merged into the Taipei Municipal United Hospital.

Adhering to the chronic disease medical policy of the Taipei City Government, the hospital focuses on medical care of chronic diseases to focus on promotion of public health and medical care for the elderly and chronic disease patients. In addition to treating general acute medical patients, the hospital also focuses on constructing a complete long-term medical care system; it is equipped with various treatment and inspection services, including an emergency and intensive care center, hemodialysis treatment center, rehabilitation treatment center, respiratory treatment center, hospice care center, etc. Starting from the promotion of community health to provide services such as outpatient health care and medical treatment, hospitalization, rehabilitation, all services and treatments are integrated into the same system.
Kuandu Hospital success story

The Challenge

(1) Short-term goals (2022):

1. Implement graded medical care and provide precise services.
2. Strengthen PAC medical services.
3. Connect community data points and provide multiple community services.
4. Introduce smart care to improve the quality of medical care and long-term care.
5. Promote long-distance care and reduce the gap in care.
6. Large-scale product-study cooperation to promote high-quality care.
7. Promote holistic and all-round smart community hospitals.

(2) Medium-term goals (2025):

1. Continue to undertake the fourth entrusted operation plan.
2. Combining health, technology, and life, constructing a virtual-real integration of hospitals and communities.
3. Cloud-based medical operations to develop mobile medical care and smart care.
4. Develop a high-quality care model that combines biomedicine and artificial intelligence.

(3) Long-term goals (2030):

1. Combining high-quality holistic care with technology to provide world-class care as a smart community hospital.
2. Integrate various resources on the cloud to build a smart community.
3. "Guandu" has become synonymous with the livability of health and longevity.

During the ongoing years of covid, the hospital implemented QSAN XCubeSAN storage solution which includes a dual-architecture (Active-Active) and SANOS 4.0 core operating system. XCubeSAN utilizes high-performance Intel core to provide efficient data archival and reading quality to reach 99.9999% high availability and stable usage for users. Fast data transfer, quick deployment, thorough implementation, and stable quality of use fulfills the hospital’s requirements of high performance to implement excellent, trustworthy medical care into the community.

With our future goals in mind, QSAN XCubeFAS all-flash array was added into our selection of systems to provide 156K IOPS of performance under 1ms latency. We also chose QSAN due to its QSRAID and QSLife functions, which can monitor SSD health and use, to maintain the requirements of high availability and performance necessary for our medical system.

The Solution

We chose QSAN XCubeFAS and XCubeSAN dual-controller series after considering their quick deployment ability and agility, which supported efficient online data retrieval and communications required of internal management. Image data is more quickly shared between different wings of the hospital so that medical staff and patients may obtain information in minimal time and increase overall productivity.

The Benefits

QSAN’s in-built Fast RAID Rebuilt function enables abnormal disks to be quickly repaired in little time after to sustain prime system optimization. The function was made with customer performance in mind so that high, consistent standards of availability and quality may be maintained.

More conveniently, QSAN’s XInsight central management system can collect and centralize all data of QSAN products on a main server: the information gathered from each device includes pool, volume, disk related data as well as a detailed performance report of up to one year. This function can aid the user in understanding current system health and status of all devices to better predict and resolve any potential and existing problems.

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XCubeSAN 1200

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  • QSLife
  • XInsight