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National University of Singapore


"We are impressed by the reliability and scalability QSAN XN8024R offered. Those enterprise-grade features built-in have supported our research development for years."

IT Lab Manager of National University of Singapore

Company Biography

Founded in 1905, National University of Singapore (NUS) is the top public university in Singapore and is considered one of the most highly-ranked academic institutions in the world. As the leading global university centred in Asia, NUS takes an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach to research, working with partners from industry, government, and academia to address crucial and complex issues relevant to Asia and the world. 

NUS has 30 university-level research institutes and centres, and Research Centres of Excellence cover a wide range of themes including: energy, environmental and urban sustainability, treatment and prevention of diseases common among Asians, active ageing, advanced materials, risk management, and resilience of financial systems.

The University’s latest research focus uses data sciences, optimization research and cyber security to support Singapore's Smart Nation initiative.

For more than 100 years on, it has been Asia’s flagship university.

National University of Singapore

The Challenge

NUS adopts legacy server storage with open-source Linux to store their data, but is short of data protection mechanism and regular patches. As they are generating raw image files from their research and share in NFS, and supporting deep learning / machine learning through iSCSI, they highly require a reliable and powerful storage solution for massive research data storing also hyper computing works. In some cases, they store raw image files in very large sizes through overnight experiments and would need to secure the best data integrity over tons of read/write operation from researchers. 

The Solution

Responding to the gradual growth of research data scale and application scenario in NUS labs, Taknet System recommended QSAN XN8024R to furnish pressing requirement of high performance, huge capacity, and top security to NUS. 

Besides outstanding scalability with QSAN expansion units, XN8024R is capable of supporting almost unlimited sizes of single files, and many enterprise-grade features as Thin Provision and Inline Deduplication to optimize overall capacity utilization.

With the combination of high-speed SSDs and high-capacity HDDs, the labs are able to run machine learning and deep learning tasks over XN8024R at the same time.

As data security and integrity are the main concerns over confidential research data, NUS is highly satisfied with WORM function and SED support to ensure the highest data protection mechanism.

National University of Singapore

The Benefits

QSAN provides distingished NAS storage with enterprise-grade data protection and utilised ZFS features. 

Recommended Product

XCubeNAS 8000

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • WORM
  • SED Support
  • Storage Scalability