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QSAN and Commvault Provide Backup Solution Across the Enterprise to Leading Welding Products Maker

United States

“QSAN solutions offer a terrific value proposition. They're protecting all of our data both at our headquarters and across our enterprise, and they’re doing so economically."

Company Biography

Founded in 1929, this firm set the standard for reliability, quality, and responsiveness to customer needs. Over the decades, the firm prospered and today is world's largest manufacturer of arc welding equipment, with customers ranging from residential users to industrial enterprises. Headquartered in USA, the firm has 2,000 employees and authorized distributors of its products across the nation.

QSAN And Commvault Provide Backup Solution Across the Enterprise to Leading Welding Products Maker

The Challenge

As a premier national company, the firm generates troves of data that must be stored and protected. Daily, its SQL servers produce structured data, and various departments at its headquarters create unstructured files, including business, manufacturing, marketing, sales, customer relations, and inventory data. Its legacy storage solutions, however, had outlived their lifecycles and no longer provided the performance and reliability the company required. Restoring lost data would take too long and disrupt the company’s sales and customers.

The firm also operates a variety of satellite sites that are customer-facing offices or warehouses. The firm stores the data created at retail sites on local servers, but for additional protection, it needed to back up the data from these locations to a central repository.

“Our bottom line was it required cost-effective storage solutions with the performance to do backups and rapid restores,” said by the senior system administrator at this firm. “These solutions had to be reliable because our remote locations lacked onsite IT administrators to address any problems.”

The Solution

Working with its trusted value-added reseller and QSAN, this world's largest welding equipment manufacturer met its data protection with QSAN solutions. All data generated at its headquarters are now safely backed up. Should any data be lost in the production environment, they can be restored quickly to their users and applications, ensuring business continuity. XCubeSAN 5224D with one XCubeDAS 5324D expansion unit attached was installed in HQ datacenter as central repository and several XCubeNAS units were deployed at remote sites.

“We recommend QSAN products for their performance, reliability, and value,” said the senior network specialist from the reseller. “The QSAN XS5224D storage system and XD5324D JBOD that comprise the central repository at the firm''s data center justified our faith in QSAN platforms. Together, they affordably offer nearly half a petabyte of capacity, ensuring the company’s needs will be met well into the future.”

The firm continuously backs up the servers at its remote sites to local QSAN XCubeNAS 3002T and 5004R platforms, securing each day’s vital business data. For even greater protection, the firm backs up these systems every night by forwarding their data across the enterprise WAN to the two QSAN arrays at the data center. All the back-ups at every site are brokered the Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery application.


The Benefits

“We’re pleased that we could meet our backup objectives so costeffectively,” explained by the firm's senior system adminstrator. “Moreover, our QSAN devices deliver reliable plug’n play operation, which means our IT staff avoids the cost and time of making emergency runs to a site just to address an issue. We also can remotely monitor and manage our QSAN platforms, affording us even greater peace of mind.”

Backup is often an afterthought, until something goes wrong. Then the well-being of the business depends on quickly restoring data to their users and applications. This welding products manufacturer found that deploying a robust, highly-available backup infrastructure did not need to be complex or costly.

“With the redundancy and data protection of our QSAN platforms, we’re reducing risk in an uncertain world,” added by this senior system adminitrator. “They’re protecting all of our data both at our headquarters and across our enterprise, and they’re doing so economically. QSAN solutions offer a terrific value proposition.”

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 5200

XCubeNAS 5000

XCubeNAS 3000

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Recommended Features

  • Active-Active
  • Point-in-time snapshot
  • Remote Replication