QSAN Launches QCache 2.0 for XCubeSAN

Apr 21 , 2017
QCache 2.0 increases read and write IOPS by up to 2300%
Taipei Taiwan, 14 April 2017 - Enterprise data storage vendor QSAN, today announced the launch of their latest enhancement to their feature rich SAN OS operating system, QCache 2.0. All models of the XCubeSAN XS3200 series are equipped with SANOS 4.0 to provide comprehensive storage functionalities including for high availability of data and resources.
The new QCache 2.0 application is designed to bridge the gap between the lower cost of spinning disk, and the high performance of SSD. QCache will accelerate random read and write IOPS on a per pool basis, with up to a massive 32TB of SSD space for the cache. On average this can increase IOPS performance by a multiple of 23 times for random reads and a 12 times increase for random writes.
You can apply QCache 2.0 in any XCubeSAN or XCubeDAS expansion shelf connected to the XCubeSAN. This means that you can have multiple disk pools with their own SSD cache attached to it. Each SSD read-write cache pool must have a minimum of 2 SSD’s and a maximum of 8 SSD’s.
QCache 2.0 is available now as an optional extra on all XCubeSAN products, and will offer a balance of high performance and capacity with a significantly lower TCO than all flash.
Test Configuration:
n   Server: HP Z840
n   Storage: XCubeSAN XS3224 FW 1.1.0
n   HDD: Seagate Constellation ES, ST500NM0001, 500GB, SAS 6Gb/s (x16)
n   SSD: HGST Ultrastar SSD800MH.B, HUSMH8010BSS200, 100GB, SAS 12Gb/s (x8)
n   HDD Pool: RAID 5, HDD Volume: 100GB
Read Results:
Volume CapacityDisable SSD Caching
Enable SSD CachingImproved
SSD CapacityWarm up TimeAfter Populating (IOPS)
100GB4,170800GB8.5 min.96,0112,202%
Improved: (96,011 – 4,170) / 4,170 = 22.024 = 2,202%
SSD Cache 2.0 can improve random read performance by up to 23 times.
Write Results:
Volume CapacityDisable SSD Caching
Enable SSD CachingImproved
SSD CapacityWarm up TimeAfter Populating (IOPS)
100GB1,153400GB12 min.14,6261,169%
Improved: (14,626 – 1,153) / 1,153 = 11,685 = 1,169%
SSD Cache 2.0 can improve random write performance by up to 12 times.
QCache 2.0 also provides SSD cache statistics for reference. The following table and diagram is an example of Cache Hit Ratio.

To find out more about QSAN’s QCache 2.0 and XCubeSAN products please contact your local QSAN partner. To find your local partner, visit our where to buy page at http://qsan.com or email us at sales@qsan.com