QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 Series Assessed by StorageReview

Nov 27 , 2017

QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 Series Assessed by StorageReview 


Taipei City, Taiwan – November 27, 2017 – QSAN Technology, Inc. recently had the privilege to work with StorageReview.com, a preeminent leader known for its outstanding news coverage and in-depth reviews of enterprise hardware, on the review of the QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 Series. 


The XCubeSAN XS1200 Series is Dual Controller SAN powered by an Intel D1500 dual core processor with 4GB of DDR4 memory per controller. It received an aggregate score of 12,634.305 TPS and an average latency of 5.8ms during StorageReview's benchmark for SQL Server. "With these numbers, it certainly is one of the fastest SQL Server storage arrays we have seen so far."; An accolade we are happy to receive from such a well-respected media outlet. Also noteworthy, with the XD5300 expansion unit, the XCubeSAN XS1200 Series is able to scale up as your business grows, reaching an impressive raw capacity of 2,860TB. 


"Overall the QSAN XCubeSAN XS1200 has a lot of great capabilities to help it make a name for itself in the market. At entry-level midmarket pricing, it outpaced many of the systems we've tested in much higher price brackets." 


The XCubeSAN XS1200 Series is run by SANOS 4.0, QSAN's proprietary operating system with a user-friendly interface. 


"Along the left-hand side of the screen are various main and sub menus for functions such as Dashboard, System Settings, Host Connectivity, Storage Management, Data Backup, Virtualization, and Monitoring. Each of the main menus has sub menus allowing users to drill down into specifics. Basically SANOS 4.0 gives users easy access to all the functions they will need when managing a SAN." 


For more information on the XCubeSAN XS1200 Series, please visit here. 

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