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Attention! QSAN XCubeFAS 3126D Reviewed by StorageReview in the US

January  08 , 2021

SMBs take note, QSAN offers tremendous value and offers a very good performance profile while supporting just about everything, like NVMe and 32Gb Fibre. All while starting at $20K.”  - StorageReview

Taipei City, Taiwan – January 8, 2021– QSAN Technology, Inc. (QSAN), an enterprise data storage manufacturer, proudly to announce that XCubeFAS 3126D has been tested by the famous reviewer – StorageReview, in the US.

"QSAN's 3126D is one of the better entry-level all-flash arrays we’ve come across. Its easy-to-maintained modular design is highly customizable, offers solid performance for its class, and comes with a range of connectivity options to suit many different use cases.” - Lyle Smith, Staff Writer for StorageReview.

QSAN is dedicated to providing leading flash technology to enterprises of all sizes. XCubeFAS 3126D imports the latest NVMe technology to achieve sub-ms latency at entry-level flash storage.
With the result highlight below, XF3126D shows high performance at sub-ms latency to handle real-time applications.

VDbench Performance:

4K Random Read: Before the end of peak 225K IOPS, the latency remains sub-500µs.
4K Random Write: Until the peak of 130K IOPS, the latency keeps below 500µs.

SQL workloads:

Stayed below 500µs latency at 210K IOPS and peaked at 242,626 IOPS with a latency 3.14ms.

VDI clone test:

The latency performance lasted less than 500µs until the 200K IOPS mark, and peak at 222,904 IOPS with a latency 3.63ms.
XF3126D allows SQL servers to obtain data in real-time without slowing down due to heavy workload. Even at the common bottlenecks of VDI, XF3126D can still achieve excellent IOPS with sub-ms latency, and users will not feel any lag-through due to numerous logins.

"If you're looking for an affordable way to set up an all-flash storage server for your organization, then the 26-bay XCubeFAS 3126D is definitely worth checking out." - StorageReview

Overall, XF3126D showed outstanding results in this review. It provides steady and high performance with ultra-low latency on SQL, VDI, and I/O simulation. If you require to speed up critical applications, this is a great opportunity to start embracing NVMe technology and get microsecond-level performance with an entry-level budget.

Product Highlights:
  • 3U26 100% dual ports NVMe high density architecture
  • Supports flexible 25GbE iSCSI and 32Gb FC connectivity and up to 20 port connections 
  • 450K Random Write IOPS at 0.5ms Latency; 220K Random Write IOPS at 0.3ms Latency
  • Virtualization ready for VMware VAAI, Veeam, Microsoft Hyper-V ODX, and Citrix

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