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Heli Air Selects AegisSAN LX to Create Highly Available Environment

November  27 , 2016
Qsan’s AegisSAN LX P600Q provides performance & scalability for the growing business

Taipei, Taiwan, 27 Nov 2013 - Qsan Technology Inc, the specialist manufacturer of SAN and unified storage solutions, today announced that its top-notch iSCSI disk array AegisSAN LX P600Q has expanded the install base with Heli Air, the leading aviation service provider in Sofia, Bulgaria. With the implementation, the AegisSAN LX P600Q system allows Heli Air a consolidated storage environment with high reliability and scalability to meet the demanding requirements when the business is growing rapidly.

Heli Air is the aviation operator located in Bulgaria to provide services of extensive air transportation for passengers, cargo, mail, emergency medical services, search & rescue, fire-fighting as well as humanitarian and peacekeeping missions in the regions of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The proven reliable records plus multiple Bulgarian and European aviation certificates have Heli Air the leading and expanding aerial operator in the country. Due to the industry characteristics to ensure security and safety, it strictly sticks to the control and supervision of all the activities and every single detail is crucial to its daily operation including the storage environment. To keep pace of the thriving business while remain highly secure, Heli Air does a comprehensive testing and finally selects Qsan’s AegisSAN LX P600Q-D424 the cutting-edge 4U 24 bay iSCSI SAN with dual active controllers to provide the highly reliable storage environment and to keep the sensitive stored data well protected.

“AegisSAN LX P600Q is a wonderful product to us. It amazingly delivers a perfect balance between performance and price, and its rich feature set best suits our current and future storage needs,” said Pavlin Byalkov, the IT manager at Heli Air. “P600Q is a highly available platform with no downtime and all our company sensitive data can be secured in one central location then.”

AegisSAN LX P600Q iSCSI SAN, inbuilt with Intel Xeon CPU, features two 10GbE and another two 1GbE iSCSI ports per controller. With the dual active controllers and fully redundant and modular components it offers a highly available environment for data storage, file sharing and daily backup operation in the company. The built-in QSnap writable snapshot and QReplica remote replication allow Heli Air to easily backup confidential business data for disaster recovery. Even if the stored data volume keeps increasing, the bundled QThin thin provisioning provides more physical resources than actually available capacity so that Heli Air can avoid allocated but unused storage and be able to purchase only the disk capacity they actually need. In addition, P600Q supports up to 256 hard disks relieving the company from the scalability headache in the past.

To boost the performance, AegisSAN LX P600Q offers QiSOE (Qsan hardware iSCSI offload engine), which adopts a dedicated CPU core to process iSCSI packet. With QiSOE enabled, the sequential read throughput of AegisSAN LX P600Q can be dramatically more than 4.5 times faster, and the sequential write throughput will achieve over 1.5 times speed..

Daniel Lin, sales director at Qsan said, “Qsan is an IP SAN technology leader, since 2006 providing data storage solutions to lower the total cost of infrastructure ownership, while maintain reliability, performance and data security. AegisSAN LX P600Q with its rich storage functions of reliability, data protection and disaster recovery delivers outstanding performance and availability to enterprise worldwide like Heli Air to offer 24x7 non-stop services.”

A leading aviation operator to provide extensive services of air transportation

Scalability and high availability are the top concerns to build up a reliable storage environment

AegisSAN LX P600Q-D424 dual active controller iSCSI system to deliver high availability, outstanding  performance and great scalability

- Server: Supermicro SuperServer
- HBA: Intel
- Switch: Supermicro SSE-G24-TG4
- HDD: 15000 RPM  SAS drives for RAID-10.
- Over 30 Virtual machine enabled
- Applications: data storing, file sharing & daily backups

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