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INTELSOFT Adopts AegisSAN to Provide Non-stop Service with High Performance

January  15 , 2016
Qsan’s AegisSAN S300Q provides high availability & performance for virtualized environments

Taipei, Taiwan, 15 Jan 2013- Qsan Technology Inc, the specialist manufacturer of SAN and unified storage solutions, continues to expand its install base with INTELSOFT, the renowned accounting software provider in Sofia, Bulgaria. The AegisSAN S300Q system enables INTELSOFT the high availability of its working environments to provide high-quality accounting and human resource services.
INTELSOFT is one of the first private companies in Bulgaria since 1989 and specializes in the development and implementation of software for salary, tax and personnel management as well as the related consulting services. It’s software has been recognized and adopted by over 2,500 organizations in the country, including the Bulgarian Parliament, the Council of Ministers, the National Social Security Institute, the National Employment Agency, the Bulgarian State Railways, the National Electric Company, the Ministry of Defence, Coca Cola factories, municipalities etc. As a prestigious service provider, INTELSOFT found it’s necessary to look for new storage solutions to meet the growing demands for its business expansion and high availability is its top concern. After a thorough evaluation, INTELSOFT chooses Qsan’s AegisSAN S300Q-D224 the storage system with dual active controllers.
AegisSAN S300Q features rich high availability designs including dual active controllers, fully redundant and modular components, multiple paths/load balancing functions to eliminate any single point f failure and highly ensure the availability for non-stop service. AegisSAN S300Q allows INTELSOFT the minimum downtime and continuous operation for the applications including Microsoft Exchange, IIS, Active Directory, SQL, etc to provide its distinguished software service. The system is configured with two Seagate 300GB 15000 RPM SAS drives for RAID-1 and twelve Seagate 1000GB 7200 RPM SAS drives for RAID-6 to protect data even in the event of multiple disk drive failures.
With the excellent hardware architecture and software capability, the S300Q SAS storage system delivers outstanding performance for INTELSOFT growing business. For better data protection, the disk array offers copy-on-write snapshot, remote replication, and BBM (battery backup module) features.
“I am very surprised how easy the product was installed and implemented in our IT infrastructure. Also the performance of the storage array exceeded my expectations,” said Yanko Kanev, the owner and general manager of INTELSOFT.
“Qsan Technology provides storage systems with high availability, redundancy, data security and best-in-class quality, famous for bringing enterprise level software, technologies and supports to more price-sensitive channel, which combined with outstanding performance provides a realistic alternative to biggest brands in data storage industry,” said Daniel Lin, the sales director at Qsan. “We are glad that AegisSAN S300Q helps INTELSOFT to manage infrastructure with flexibility, outstanding performance, without a fear of data loss and a lower total cost of ownership at the same time.”
An accounting software provider for over 2,500 organizations nationwide
Storage consolidation and high availability of services becomes the headache to the growing business
AegisSAN S300Q-D224 dual active controller SAS system to deliver high availability and beyond-expectation performance
- Server: Supermicro SuperServer
- HBA: LSI HBA 9207-8e
- HDD: 12x Seagate 1000GB 7200 RPM SAS drives for RAID-6; 2x Seagate 300GB 15000 RPM -SAS drives for RAID-1.
- Virtual machine enabled
- Applications: Microsoft Exchange, IIS, Active Directory, SQL, etc


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