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QSAN Announces an Online Annual Digital Event in November

November  04 , 2021
Taipei City, Taiwan – November 4, 2021–  QSAN announces the upcoming annual digital event: Next Wave - Digital Enlightenment from the Edge. The event will be delivered online in mid-November, and we welcome everyone to join for exploring more about how the modern world is driven by data.

The annual event will be focusing on IT infrastructure and the solutions in various application scenarios. Dedicated to storage for many years, QSAN is aware of the significance of data processing in the complex IT ecosystem. The topics cover from protection against cyberattacks, groundbreaking storage performance, to agile scalability of capacity. In light of the global pandemic, QSAN will be recapping the how these technologies shape the changing world and light up the way to the future.

QSAN is honored to have our reliable partners, Western Digital and Veeam, participate in the event for introducing key technologies of data. As leading brands in digital assets preservation, they will be touching the topics of storage and data security. With their insight, the annual event will bring the industry a comprehensive view on the next generation of innovative data storage applications.

“As a leader in data infrastructure, Western Digital continuously pushes the boundaries of science and technology to deliver new storage innovations to the market,”said Raman Yeung, managing director, Greater China channel business, Western Digital. “We are pleased to participate in this annual event and share how our new flash-enhanced drive architecture with OptiNAND™ technology can help provide customers with solutions to address exponential data growth challenges today and well into the future.”

“We are excited to share our solutions to our clients and partners. The event means a lot to QSAN, and we look forward to sharing to the industry our observation of the future trends. Moreover, Western Digital and Veeam have been cooperating with us on many joint solutions. We are pleased to have their attendance.”said Phil Tai, Product Management Director of QSAN.

QSAN sincerely invites everyone to join the event. Details concerning the site will be announced on the official website as well as via email.

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