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QSAN Announces SD4 NVMe SSD for XF3126 Ready

November  07 , 2022

QSAN Announces SD4 NVMe SSD for XF3126 ready

Taipei City, Taiwan – Nov. 9, 2022 –
QSAN Technology, Inc., a global leading brand in storage solutions, announced the launch of its new SD4 NVMe SSD series. SD4 is a dual port NVMe SSD series with PCIe Gen 4x4 interface: it supports the industry's new U.3 interface, and is fully backward compatible with U.2 slots. With rigorous testing by QSAN laboratory, SD4 proved to sustain QSAN XCubeFAS 3126’s excellent performance at microseconds latency while the quality of this integrated solution is further enhanced. Customers may benefit from this integration with QSAN’s efficient support as the single point of contact for all services.

High Performance NVMe SSDs Enable Enterprise Workloads

SD4 series offers a wide range of capacities up to 15.36 TB. Based on the latest 3D NAND technology, its performance can reach up to 7,000 MB/s for sequential read and 6,800 MB/s for sequential write. Installed in XF3126, it delivers 17.8 GB/s for sequential read and 10.3 GB/s for sequential write. Complementary results meet modern applications such as HPC (High-Performance Computing), AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) databases, virtualization, and more.

Flash Management Technology

We know that flash cells degrade with use. The SD4 NVMe SSD series features advanced NAND flash management technology. The SSD has wear leveling to evenly distribute write and erase cycles, bad block management to improve data reliability, TRIM function to reclaim unused blocks, S.M.A.R.T. to monitor SSD health, over-provisioning to reduce write amplification, and thermal throttling to prevent any components from over-heating. NVMe SSD not only retains excellent and sustained performance and quality, but also improves the shortcomings of flash memory to prolong its service life with ever-changing SSD technology.

Building the Future Trend of NVMe Market Together

As modern applications and workloads demand higher performance, NVMe adoption in the enterprise continues to grow. “Our all-flash array XF3126 integrated SD4 SSDs will definitely accelerate enterprise’s adoption of emerging NVMe technology to retain competitive edge.”  said Phil Tai, Product Management Director of QSAN.

First Bundled with NVMe SSD to Complete AFA Total Solution

QSAN storage is bundled with SSDs for the first time for NVMe AFA (All-Flash Array). In addition to extreme performance, SD4 NVMe SSDs are fully compatible with XF3126. With QSLife function, an intelligent disk drive analyzer, XF3126 combined with SD4 results in excellent SSD lifespan management. With this complete storage solution, customers can benefit from more efficient support and a hassle-free experience by leveraging QSAN as single point of contact for all services.

About QSAN

QSAN has been a forward-looking pioneer in the IT industry that is committed to data protection. QSAN creates simple, safe, reliable, and uninterrupted storage services to businesses for all sizes. Our high-cost performance ratio connects the global leaders that help them turn data into creative momentum, build dynamic capabilities for digital transformation, and make flexible strategies to enhance business operations.

We’ve been developing strong relationships with worldwide partners to empower businesses with instant delivering services and comprehensive solutions. High-end-enterprise-level performance and agile management have proven records by thousands of organizations, which are taken seriously by us through any stage of their careers. QSAN aims to make a positive impact on data and become the force of our customers’ success because we believe all businesses deserve the best opportunity.

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