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Qsan Announces TrioNAS Series Supports vSphere VAAI for NAS

October  15 , 2016

Taipei, Taiwan, 15 October, 2015– Qsan® Technology, Inc. today announced all Qsan TrioNAS products support the Vmware Vsphere 6.0 platform with integration of VAAI (Vmware storage APIs Array Integration) to delivery performance, efficiency and scalability in the demanding VMware environments.


The vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration package (VAAI) allows storage partners to more closely integrate storage arrays with vSphere. Qsan TrioNAS Series is now VMware VAAI NAS ready and supports related storage optimizations for VMware Storage vMotion, Provisioning VM from Template, Thin Provisioning Disk Performance Improvement, and VMFS Share Storage Pool Disk Scalability. Most vSpheres are deployed in datacenters with storage arrays. And both storage arrays and VMware provide overlap functions such as cloning, snapshots, mirroring, and replication. The vSphere Storage APIs for Array Integration package (VAAI) allows storage arrays integrating with vSphere. With VAAI, those storage operations can be executed on the storage arrays to support larger workloads in the virtual environment.


Qsan TrioNAS Series consolidates NAS and IP-based iSCSI SAN in one box that can help users consolidate IT infrastructure costly. Meanwhile, users don’t need multiple file servers for SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, and WebDAV; TrioNAS Series supports all these protocols in one box including iSCSI and Fibre Channel. Enabled VAAI support, Qsan TrioNAS Series is the most cost-effective and efficient storage solution for SMB.