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Qsan Launches All New Dual Controller NAS - TrioNAS LX HA series

April  16 , 2016
Taipei, Taiwan, 15 Apr. 2015- Qsan Technology Inc, the professional network storage provider of SAN & Unified Storage, announces the launch of its dual controller NAS system - TrioNAS LX HA series, which offers SMB enterprises scaled capacity and performance with active-active high availability at the same time in one box. The kernel of TrioNAS LX HA runs QSM(Qsan Storage Management) operating system that supports genuine active – active dual controller design with fast failover and cache mirroring. In addition to that, all system components are redundant and hot swappable to prevent any single point of failure. With two controllers working at the same time, IOPS performance is 30% faster than just single controller mode. Vertically with JBOD expansion, it can support up to 256 hard drives or over 1PB capacity. Moreover, TrioNAS LX HA also supports up to 4096 file-level snapshots, which helps to provide a good protection against virus attack and accidental deletion or modification to your valuable data. “TrioNAS LX HA is a truly active-active design that supports ALUA capability. In some cases, failover time is around 10 seconds. It gives you an insurance of mind that crucial business services will keep running without impact.“ says Daniel Lin, sales director in Qsan.
  • Active – active dual controller mode
    ALUA (Asymmetric Logic Unit Access) is supported in TrioNAS LX HA to provide active-active controller mode. Command shipping and data shipping functions are implemented in QSM operating system. This ensures higher fault tolerance and better performance and efficiency.
  • Redundant modular design
    No single point of failure design. Fully redundant and modular design to achieve 99.999% availability.
  • Fast Failover
    All data services are protected by controller failover. The faster the failover is, the less impact to business continuity. Failover time is the quintessential index to judge the quality of a dual controller NAS system.
  • Scalability
    TrioNAS LX HA can scale vertically with capacity expansion and horizontally with performance gain.
  • Hybrid storage for better IOPS performance
    Storage tiering function (SSD caching) is supported in QSM operating system to leverage the benefits of flash technology. Hybrid storage can combine SSD drives and enterprise SATA drives to deliver the equivalent IOPS to performance SAS hard drives. Hybrid storage can help you combine the strengths of both SSD drive and SATA drive and enjoy the overall lower cost at the same time.

About Qsan
Qsan Technology was founded in 2004 by a group of experienced engineers who wanted to build top-notch storage systems. With outstanding performance, completed data protection, and smart data management, Qsan’s storage systems will be the worldwide best without compromise.
Qsan storage solutions have been deployed globally and trusted by organizations’ businesses of all sizes and locations; furthermore, Qsan is a recognized global leader in the storage industry and the leading developer of data management and protection. Our customers can focus on building their business with award-winning data storage product lines combined with dedicated global service and support from Qsan Technology.

We first designed an iSCSI RAID controller. The resulting P100C was the first iSCSI RAID controller launched in 2005. In 2009, we launched P500Q, the first 10G iSCSI redundant RAID controller system. With QiSOE offload engine design, Qsan resolved the latency challenge for 10G iSCSI, and brought iSCSI to high availability applications. In 2012, Qsan received Computex Best Choice for U600Q TrioNAS LX storage systems. With completed product portfolio, including iSCSI, Fibre Channel, Hybrid SAN, NAS, and Unified storage systems, Qsan provides total and best price-performance solutions for SME.
Qsan is not just a storage vendor, but also a technology and design company with a focus on solution innovation. For more information, please visit: www.Qsan.com