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QSAN Releases XEVO 1.1 for XCubeFAS

September  11 , 2019

Taipei City, Taiwan – September 11, 2019 – QSAN Technology Inc., an enterprise data storage manufacturer, today has unveiled the new XEVO firmware 1.1.0 for the XCubeFAS series.

As with previous generations of its firmware, XEVO continues evolving and enhancing its enterprise features, intuitive user interface design, and performance improvement. In this latest version firmware 1.1.0, it provides volume QoS (Quality of Service), the support of SED (Self-Encrypted Drive), the support of ISE (Instant Secure Erase), QAuth1.0 (authorizations of Users Responsibility), RESTful API (Application Programming Interface) for customizing user’s management utilities, and background task monitoring feature to let user oversee the resource of the system at a glance, …etc.

QSAN's revolutionary XEVO improves the storage confidential and make the management more agile to ease the management effort of IT generals and increase the security level for enterprise usage.

QSAN’s new XEVO 1.1.0 is equipped with a graphical web GUI that can be easily deployed into any infrastructure and comes with a large selection of value-added features.

Key Specification

Storage Architecture and Management

  • Volume QoS (Quality of Service)
Storage Confidential
  • Support SED (Self-Encrypted Drive)
  • Support ISE (Instant Secure Erase)
System Monitor
  • Background task monitor
System Management
  • QAuth1.0 (Authorizations of Users Responsibility
  • RESTful API (Application Programming Interface)


All products in the XCubeFAS product line.
Learn through practice for our XCubeFAS on the XCubeFAS XEVO Demo Site.
Learn more about XEVO 1.1.0, please visit: https://www.qsan.com/en/os/xevo

About QSAN

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