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QSM3.4.0 Enhances VMware Integration by supporting VASA/VVOL

February  24 , 2022

Taipei City, Taiwan – February 24, 2022 -  QSAN Technology, Inc., a global leading brand in storage solutions, announced the availability of VASA Provider and virtual volume (VVOL) in QSM 3.4.0 for VMware vCenter. In conjunction with the XCubeNXT series, this solution provides simple, seamless virtualization management and scalability for a VMware environment.

VASA Provider and VVOLs
This enhancement helps VMware administrators to modify storage settings across multiple systems with the vCenter management interface and deliver agile storage services that are optimized for better virtual machine (VM) availability.

QSM340 VMware Integration VASAVVOL

  • More efficient

  • Easy Management

  • Cross brand storage management

Other New Feature

  • Auto Tiering
    Auto-tiering technology that continuously analyzes and moves frequently-used data to drives with higher access speeds; increases performance without significant investment in expensive All-Flash storage devices. 
  • Anti Virus
    The built-in antivirus function periodically scans files and automatically quarantines suspicious files to protect the system from potential threats.

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Explore more detail in QSAN VASA Provider White Paper.

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