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XInsight Comprehensively Optimize IT Management for the Best QSAN Storage Experience

September  08 , 2021

Taipei City, Taiwan – September 8, 2021 

The Growing Tide of Digital Transformation

As companies continue to develop digital transformation plans, as the amount of data is growing rapidly, and the demand for cloud access and virtualization is increasing, companies will need have more storage devices to meet the requirements, not only increase hardware purchasing costs but also face hidden costs of cumbersome management.

 QSAN has re-acted to the complex hybrid multi-cloud infrastructure and modern applications situation and launch the Central Management System, XInsight to allow enterprises to monitor the entire enterprise infrastructure and services and reduce the hidden cost from management.

The Upgrade of XInsight
The XInsight is coming with first upgrade to version 1.1, it’s now has more detail information for storage which include pools, volume, shared folder, and disks etc....and to make the resources is allocate in right place, The performance monitor can record all system performance and save them up to 1 year.

Increase the IT Value
In summary, IT infrastructure is becoming more and more complicated. XInsights can improve the ability of enterprises to manage and protect IT infrastructure, fulfill the increase number of storage devices in enterprise and greatly shorten the management time required by IT technical, allowing enterprises to focus on more valuable works.

Now Every Detail Is on XInsight


With the new XInsight 1.1, there is more system information, such as storage pools, logical volumes, etc... so that you can control all aspects of the information, and quickly inspect and maintain storage devices.

Easy Resource Allocation by Performance Monitor

The new performance monitor can record various system performances for up to one year, such as hard drives, storage pools, network speeds, etc. These messages are not even recorded in the storage device itself and making resource allocation easier.

XInsight 1.1 Key Features:
  • Detail Storage information : include pool, disk, volume, lun and even sharefolder.

  • Performance monitor & log : Showing all the performance information and record up to 1 year, these messages are not even recorded in the storage device itself.

  • More intuitive device page – Simplified device page allows you to obtain system information more easily and quickly, and more detailed message can be finded through each machine.

  • QSAN provides free central management system. For more details, please click here.  


About QSAN
QSAN has been a forward-looking pioneer in the IT industry that is committed to data protection. QSAN creates simple, safe, reliable, and uninterrupted storage services to businesses for all sizes. Our high-cost performance ratio connects the global leaders that help them turn data into creative momentum, build dynamic capabilities for digital transformation, and make flexible strategies to enhance business operations.

We’ve been developing strong relationships with worldwide partners to empower businesses with instant delivering services and comprehensive solutions. High-end-enterprise-level performance and agile management have proven records by thousands of organizations, which are taken seriously by us through any stage of their careers. QSAN aims to make a positive impact on data and become the force of our customers’ success because we believe all businesses deserve the best opportunity.

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