QSAN Always-On Technology

With the growth of data usage, downtime can cost a huge cost for your business. QSM ensures business continuity by reducing downtime while keeping critical applications online.

Ensures Business Continuity​​
Simple Business Continuity with Active Cluster

Clustered controller design allows for the complete failure of a controller or any controller component without impacting operations. Both controllers concurrently provide storage services in real time. If one controller fails, the other controller can transparently seamlessly take over all storage services.

 Situation describes how clustered controller design works when one controller fails.
Everything Is Non-Disruptive

Downtime will cost a huge hidden cost when your unified storage hosts hundreds of applications. That is why keeping that storage activities is a critical part in business. For instance:

Non-disruptive Hardware Upgrades

All of the critical components includes controller, host card and RAM in the XCubeNXT modules are hotly pluggable for expanding performance or system without downtime.

Non-disruptive Hardware Upgrades simulation
Non-disruptive Software Upgrades

With smart failover, both controller can take over all service when the other controller fail or doing upgrad.

Non-disruptive Software Upgrades simulation
RAID Z Technology

QSM RAID technology is designed to deliver worry-free storage through advanced RAID technology while maintaining predictable performance under any conditions, including recovery from drive failures. With fast rebuild, RAID technology significantly reduces exposure to multiple cascading disk failures, providing excellent data availability. ​​​​

QSAN RAID technology fast recovery from failures
Seamless Recovery

Unfortunate hardware failure is something no one wants, however with the QSM, recovery is simple. With disk roaming technology, your data and system configuration can be easily migrated to another unified storage without having to worry about disk order or a lengthy reconfiguration.

Enjoy Continuous Operations​

No matter which industry, data must always be available, performing, and protected—without performance loss. QSAN is proven to deliver 99.9999% availability for unified storage, inclusive of maintenance, failures, and generational upgrades.

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