Complete All Business in QSM

QSM's tailor-made storage pool technology effectively caters to diverse storage demands on data integrity, scalability, high performance, and availability.

User Defined RAID

Thinking ahead to everyday usage situations, the QSM provides Wide RAID Type and Instant RAID for various application scenarios. Each RAID types can be instantly deployed with no initialization or synchronization phase, delivering safe, protected and high- performance storage space without any delays.

Powerful Storage Capacity

QSM is a zfs based file system, ZFS is a “128 bit” file system, 128 bits is the largest size address and it can manage almost unlimited storage capacity. Each ZFS storage pool, file system and single file can store billions of files and snapshots. This feature allows you to upgrade your business without the need to purchase additional equipment, and unlimited capacity is suitable in all kind of applications.

Expand as Your Business Grow

QSM provide massive scale-up capability by connecting any of our expansion enclosures. It gives the ability for up to 434 disk drives and easily get to PB level space.

Cross Platform Access

QSM provides seamless file sharing across Windows®, Mac®, Linux®, iOS and Android platforms by supporting multiple file access protocols including FTP, SAMBA, CIFS, AFP, NFS and WebDAV.

QSAN file sharing across different platforms and protocols
Choose your own high speed solution

QSM support various network speed, 10/25GbE Ethernet, 16/32G Fibre channel and high speed thunderbolt 3, which can be flexibly expanded according to actual needs.

Fibre Channel Solution

Fibre Channel (FC) is a high-speed network technology providing lossless delivery of raw block data, at a rate of 16Gb/s. It typically runs on optical fiber cables within and between servers, switches, and storage servers, but can also run on copper cabling.

Multipath I/O (MPIO)

Multipath I/O (MPIO) is designed to mitigate the effects of connection failure by providing an alternative data path between servers and storage devices.

High Reliability

It is vital to have a failover and load balancing configuration when deploying virtual storage solution in your IT environment.

Cutting-edge Performance

Base on 64K sequential throughput up to 3120+ MB/s read and 3050+ MB/s write performance of 16Gb Fibre Channel.

Ethernet Solution

Bandwidth and throughput are essential aspects for today IT industry. To scale on multi-servers, support the I/O arbitration needs of VMs, big data computing on databases, high-resolution video editing, and sharing workflows, 10GbE high-speed networks are highly beneficial for all these applications.

Virtualization Ready

QSM is verified with VMware® Ready™, Citrix® Ready™, and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ certified. No matter which virtualization environment you’ve adopted, the QSM is a practical and efficient storage system for you to deploy in any virtualization platform. QSM can be used for primary storage repositories and as a backup to existing primary storage. As a backup storage device, the QSM supports a comprehensive list of 3rd-party virtual machine backup software to ensures that your VMs and data are never at risk of loss.

Hypervisor Manager

In QSM, the built-in Hypervisor Manager is an easy-to-use application enabling you to create and manage virtual machines that run directly on the unified storage. Being capable of hosting multiple virtualized environments ensures various customized services and applications are well presented at the same time without the additional hardware investment. Additionally, those virtual machines are isolated reducing the risk of potential data leaks or operation interference. These features make the QSM an ideal multi-tenant environment for deploying business applications.

Your Storage, Your Call

QSM 3.2 provide the standard RESTFUL API. XCubeNAS can be deployed into the IT management system using RESTFUL API and let IT managers continuous use the existing management tool, even the first-time user can finish the management job confidently, which considerably reduce the learning cost for organizations.

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