XN8000 Series Models

Storage for Virtualization

The Virtual Infrastructure

XCubeNAS is an ideal and economical storage solution that can be used as a shared network storage or IP-SAN storage for virtualization environments. Officially certified with VMware® Ready™, Citrix® Ready™, and Microsoft® Hyper-V™, the XCubeNAS it is a stable and efficient data storage system. Virtualized data centers can perform faster and more efficiently with XCubeNAS’s assistance on provisioning, migration and management of virtual machines. The XCubeNAS provides virtualization solutions allowing you to maximize resource utilization to flexibly deliver application services. The built-in hypervisor manager provides a simple and quick way to deploy virtual resources into your infrastructure. This ability means that you can save on listening costs, by moving virtual resources onto the XcubeNAS and free up valuable resouces on your hypervisor.


Built-in Hypervisor Manager

Virtualization in nowadays becomes a primary solution for enterprises to run multiple applications on a single piece of hardware. In QSM, the built-in Hypervisor Manager is an easy-to-use application enabling you to create and manage virtual machines that run directly on the XCubeNAS. Being capable of hosting multiple virtualized environments ensures various customized services and applications are well presented at the same time without the additional hardware investment. Additionally, those virtual machines are isolated reducing the risk of potential data leaks or operation interference. These features make the XCubeNAS an ideal multi-tenant environment for deploying business applications.

Single File Snapshot Recover

Most Precision Restore

Snapshots help system administrators assures data security and single file recovery delivers a powerful tool for administrators to reduce the time required for actual failover and recovering files effectively. Snapshots single file recovery provides the flexibilities methods for IT to transfer file in local, remote and even public cloud service.

Thin Provision

Dynamically Space to the Most Demanding

“Take whatever you need.” That’s the philosophy of thin provisioning. Thin provisioning lets various services and applications use the same storage space without limiting how much of the quota can be used by each. With thin provisioning, space resources are dynamically distributed to the most demanding, responding to your business applications with higher flexibility and promising potentials.


Increase Performance of Business Applications

By using auto-tiering, it helps increase the performance of your business application without crippling your budget. The XCubeNAS features auto-tiering technology which makes the system continuously analyze the accessing frequency of your data for better data transmission. The most frequently used data will move to higher speed tier, on the other hand, the less commonly used data will move to capacity tier. Demanding workloads of your business applications could be dramatically reduced, and the performance increased without massive investment in expensive all flash storage devices – this is all done by the XCubeNAS’ intelligent auto-tiering technology.