QSAN Certified Partner

What is QCP (QSAN Certified Partner)?

QCP (QSAN Certified Partner) is aimed to create closer bonding with our partners to generate more profits for both parties.  As technology advances quickly, the storage market encompasses a growing number of cutting-edge solutions based on hybrid IT, big data, Internet of Things, and mobile technologies. By partnering closely with QSAN, you can access the technology, the support task force, and the incentives you need to succeed and distinguish yourself in this competitive business.

The spirit of QCP is "Learn more, Sell more", "Create demands", and "Maximize profits". QCP is a rewards-based program. Your rewards increase as you improve your level of skills, expertise and sales success. QCP has two partnership levels : Sliver partner and Gold partner.  Each level has its own set of requirements and rewards.

Your technological advange with QSAN makes the difference of winning each sales case.  Inside QCP, a technical traning program QCS (QSAN Certified Specialist) is designed to help our certified partners better position themselves to accomplish the goals set forth by QCP program.
What are the benefits to become QSAN Certified Partner?

In addition to the benefits of becoming a regular QSAN partner (Q-Partner program), there are a lot of benefits to go the extra mile to advance into QCP program.
  • QSAN certification :  All certified partners receive an officail certification to symbolize its technological competency, service capability, channel authority, and business scale.
  • Training : Join QCS program to get the latest training about QSAN products and the latest technology trends.
  • Growth strategies : QSAN works with you directly on developing customized marketing plan to talyor your business needs to seize more growth opportunities.
  • Extension of QSAN : Service delivery by QCP engineers with access to QSAN parts and QSAN intellectual property and using innovative QSAN support technologies to act as a QSAN surrogate.
  • Dedicated support service : QCP will receive dedicated support resources or onsite service to solve critical issues.
  • Exclusive deals : Access to special QSAN promotions.

We encourage our partners to work their way up to the partnership ladder. Gold partner will have more benefits and can leverage more QSAN resources to expand their business.
QCS (QSAN Certified Specialist)

QCS is a regular training program that is designed to help partners get familiarized with QSAN products and technologies. Through QCS program, each QCP acquires the technological competency and skills it needs to help grow and win the businesses.  There are two levels and two categories in QCS. 
  QCS for SAN QCS for NAS
Level 2
  • Target audience : IT, Presales
  • Training coverage : confiuration, management, troubleshoot
  • Target audience : IT, Presales
  • Training coverage : configuration, management, troubleshoot
Level 1
  • Target audience : IT, Sales, Presale
  • Training coverage : product line, architecture, quick install
  • Target audience : IT, Sales, Presales
  • Training coverage : product line, architecture, quick install
How to become a QSAN Certified Partner?

First, you need to join the Q-Partner program and there are various requirements for Silver level and Gold level.

Gold level QCP :
  • Join the Q-Partner program first or an existing Silver level QCP.
  • Have at least two Level 2 QCS individuals
  • Revenue requirements.
  • An annually updated reseller profile on QSAN partner portal.

Silver level QCP :
  • Join the Q-Partner program first.
  • Have at least one Level 2 QCS individual.
  • Revenue requirements.
  • An annually updated reseller profile on QSAN partner portal.