Risk to Business Data Is Everywhere

Data is the most important assets for business. During the growing process, enterprises will face different risks and challenges at different stages. Disaster happens in random manner, business will be in danger without the protection of its data and cause significant losses for further success.

Data Loss

Unpredictable business damage by improper operation or technology problem

Lack of Security

The longer the backup time, the higher changes of data loss

Natural and Unexpected Disaster

Natural calamities like flooding, earth quake, or storms that destroy your data and server

The Growth of Business Data

Existing storage capacity is running out, you need to expand your storage space without any loss of current business momentum

Measuring the Potential RTO for Every Business

You need to determine the potential effects of disruptions to business operations as a result of disaster, and evaluate the Recovery Time Objective (RTO).

Online Financial Transactions

24 hours service means that risks could happen at every moment, any data loss or service stop will cause huge loss to financial business.

Real-Time Streaming

Realtime streaming brings the best audience experience. Any second delay is not tolerable for live sport. High quality streaming requires the lowest RTO.

Office File Server

From daily work, development progress to confidential information access, long-term service interruption is not acceptable. A good backup solution keeps users away from risks, and prevent major business losses.

Multimedia Database

Media databases to multimedia workers are important. Through the remote backup or synchronization solution, the damage of database can be solved quickly, and back to service in a short time.

Archiving Data Backup System

The demand for long-term data preservation continues to grow, a comprehensive backup plan is required to prevent valuable data from being destroyed by disasters.

Digital Archive

Cultural heritage like historical video, images and information are priceless. Use Hybrid architecture to save multiple archives in QSAN Storage and the cloud.

Understand RTO for Enterprise Services

RTO is a major indicator of corporate service quality. The more important the service is, the less it can withstand the interruption, and the lower the RTO is required.

5 mins RTO

  • Online financial transactions
  • Real-time streaming
  • Office file serve
  • Multimedia database
  • Archiving data backup system
  • Digital Archive
  • 24 hours RTO

    Key Services

    5 mins RTO 70%

    6 hours RTO 20%

    24 hours RTO 10%

    General Service

    5 mins RTO 40%

    6 hours RTO 35%

    24 hours RTO 25%

    Cold Data

    5 mins RTO 15%

    6 hours RTO 20%

    24 hours RTO 65%

    Best Disaster Recovery Solution

    Key services - Seconds to minutes RTO
    General service - Several hours RTO
    Cold data backup – One to several days RTO

    Complete Disaster Prevention Plan

    QSAN provides a variety of functions to meet the service requirement of different RTO levels.

    High-Availability architecture is recommended for critical services, all key components are redundant and hot-swappable to meet zero RTO requirements.

    For general services, we recommend remote backup. Even if the local service is interrupted, the remote service can be enabled to provide services in a short time.

    Back up your data to cloud space with low hardware maintenance costs. Even if the local device is damaged, the cloud backup data can be restored to the new local device.

    Disaster Recovery for All Business Size

    QSAN QReplica 3.0 with Synchronous Replication + Asynchronous Replication, provide a complete backup solution for all business scales. Synchronous replication writes data to source unit and replicas at the same time, so the primary copy and the replica are always in sync. In the event of a disaster, synchronous replication can provide maximum protection and ensure zero data loss.

    Compatible Leading Container Backup Solutions

    Containers represent a form of lightweight virtualization, enabling the sharing of the operating system between the host and guest operating systems. However, conventional backup and disaster recovery solutions are not effective in container environments. Typically, these solutions concentrate on safeguarding individual servers and their respective applications. Conversely, container environments feature widely dispersed applications, spanning multiple clouds and data centers. Moreover, containers are inherently transient, posing a significant challenge in creating reliable backup copies. To adequately protect such applications, specialized backup tools designed to function seamlessly with containers are the optimal solution.

    In view of this, QSAN finds out the leading container backup tools and takes them as a fully compatible backup solutions after rigorous verification. In addition, we also provides a standard interface storage device CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver solution to bridge between the CO (Container Orchestration) and QSAN storage systems.

    Velero Tutorial >

    container solution

    Non-Disruptive Service Is No Longer Out of Reach

    When small and medium-sized enterprises making backup and disaster recovery strategies, powerful solutions provided by leading vendors are often over budget. Complex IT system setup is very time-consuming, and the lack of relevant key professional skills not only leads to high investment costs but also does not meet actual needs. Fortunately, QSAN storage products bring built-in features that suit various recovery plans. These services provide backup and disaster recovery plans within a reasonable budget to meet business needs.

    All key services cannot be interrupted in seconds. Use High-Availability QSAN storage to provide 7 X 24 X 365 services.

    Recommended Models



    Recommended Features

    • Active–Active Design
    • Cache to Flash
    • Point-in-time Snapshot
    • Real Time Check Data Integrity
    • RAID EE

    Use the remote backup to back up important data to QSAN storage device, even if the main storage device cannot be recovered due to a disaster, backup storage can be activated to keep daily service uninterrupted.

    Recommended Models



    Recommended Features

    • Remote Replication
    • XMirror
    • RSync

    Data needed to be archived increase over years. QSAN storage devices can connect to your public or private clouds, back up archived data to the cloud, save hardware costs, and focus resources on important services.

    Recommended Product

    XCubeNXT 5100 Series

    Recommended Models


    Recommended Features

    • Cloud Sync
    • Cloud Backup
    • Deduplication

    Backup Partners

    Our Partnership with leading backup-software vendors to provide the highest service level across all QSAN products.

    • VEEAM
    • WHQL
    • Acronis
    • Nakivo
    • IBM Cloud Backup
    Application Note & White Paper

    Application Note & White Paper

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    • Try RAID calculator to estimate your needs
    • XCalc.

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