Common Pain Points of Digital Education Transformation

Digitalization is not an easy thing. Lack of resources and budgets will become a barrier to realize digital education and lag in IT performance will also drive transformation in a dilemma. 

Lagging IT Performance

The educational resource platform includes student info system, professor management system, learning applications, the material center usually been compromised by the heavy workload at the peak time.​

Tight Budgets

Education funding shows a downward trend. How to find the balance between supporting students in digital education and limited budget?

Limited Resources

Staff resources should be implemented in helping students successfully learning in a digital education environment. How to save the resources on more critical missions instead of machine maintenance and upgrade?

Digitalized Complexity

Hard to manage by one or a few servers? Install software and hardware one by one to allocate the resources for students is time-consuming. Allocate resources become a barrier on the way to digitalized education transformation. 

Needs and Challenges for Digital Education Transformation

During Digital education transformation, there are some needs and challenges that will be faced. How to fulfill those needs for higher education, and how to deal with the challenges become an important elements among this period.

Critical Learning

• AI
• Machine learning (robot class)
• High-performance computing (HPC)
• Research acceleration


Digital Transformation

• Active campus and learning spaces
• Virtualized classrooms/labs
• Digital campus (IoT)


Budget & Resources

• Digital data repositories
• Data integration
• Digital integrated management
• Easy online management

data center server

Data Centers

• Data management, storage, protection
• Modern data center


School From Home

• Online courses
• Online exams
• Digital textbooks
• Animation

cyber security

Safety & Cyber Security

• Data protection
• End-to-end video surveillance

Modern Solutions for
Digital Education Transformation

Data is the key to education success in both teaching or researching sessions. To Store Unexpected data growth without compromise:

  • High-speed performance to follow machine learning lessons
  • Stable performance help the researcher to work efficiently even during peak time
  • Data center with high-speed data I/O, making the data center a driver for students' success

More remote learning lessons and virtualized classes are applied for building up the digital campus. How to manage digital material and courses is becoming an issue:​​

  • Increasing remote learning and make the storage be the powerful assistance to leverage the overall learning performance​​
  • Virtualized classroom delivers with AFA performance, making the lessons going smoothly without disruption​​
  • Stable solutions needed to make sure every student taking great lessons from home
  • Video streaming is the core element, high-speed solution become the key to work in school from home period

Creative assets should be well-protected for tomorrow's thought leader. However, the education fund is decreasing gradually every year. How to allocate the resources to ensure data safety and simplify the IT process on budget in order to reduce CAPEX: 

  • VDI Back On Track, VDI Implementation to manage the scattered resources more efficiently
  • Storage that requires less management and maintenance to save IT budget for the long term
  • Data backup and data protection system make campus safer
  • Storage solutions to preventing from any Ransomware attack

What Can QSAN Bring for Higher Education

Boost Up Critical Lessons with Powerful Data Center

  • AFA with NVMe drivespresent450K Random Write IOPSat 0.5ms Latency to fulfill high-performance computing, virtualization Integration, AI-related lessons
  • All-Flash with high-speed internet connection help researcher more focuses on the paper without wasting time in a big data application
  • Mass data growth during digital education, QSAN's storage drive by XEVO/QSM system to provide stable performance and create a powerful data center for high-speed data sharing

Try XCalc. To Estimate Your Needs​ >

Overcome Access Peak Time Crash Through Container

  • QSAN storage supports CSI (Container Storage Interface) to make sure the container management and performance won’t be limited
  • QSAN storage is equipped with extreme high bandwidth connection interface that file can be accessed smoothly
  • Building containerized LMS (Learning Management System) and administration system, make sure the system access peak time won’t cause the crash

To Explore More Application >

Creating Immersive Learning Environment

  • Support all requested features of both hardware and software, with full certification for VMware, Citrix, and Hyper-V, helping school more focus on virtualized learning
  • High-speed AFA storage which is ideal for mass deployment of remote work to adopt VDI for easier class management
  • Storing HD video streaming with high-speed ISCSI and FC storage for school from home lessons, making in-time online cooperation works

Ensure Data Safety for Tomorrow's Thought Leader

  • Dedicated to developed trustworthy data protection solutions such as WORM to protect any creative assets that fall into ransomware
  • High-speed SSD drive storage for 4K/HD surveillance. Always put priority on students' safety
  • In time or scheduled data backup by applying QReplica, keeping all the important material safe

Lower CAPEX and Ensure Data Safety by Deploying The Right Storage

  • Support up to extra 434 bays. School with a tight budget can expand by cheaper JBOD to reach up to7.8PB for higher capacity use
  • Hybrid flash storage to support both SAS/SATA SSD to boost up performance. The flexible drive uses to enjoy an All-flash environment on budget
  • Save the expenditure of deploying different severs by investing in one QSAN's all-in-one flash storage to reduce CAPEX
  • QSLife, QReport help to analyze the storage usage to save extra staff taking care of the machine
  • Generation upgrade without power-off to eliminate the extra working hour for staff

Education Application Recommend

AFA With NVMe SSD Provides The Best Performance

Recommended Product

XCubeFAS Series

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • 25GbE / 32Gb FC
  • QSLife
  • QReport
  • QoS
  • QReplica

The Flexible SSD Storage To Deal With Critical Missions

Recommended Product

XCubeFAS Series

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • 25GbE / 32Gb FC
  • QSLife
  • QReport
  • QoS
  • QReplica

Providing non-disruptive service and significant low latency, QSAN Storage fulfills every requirement for mission-critical applications.

Recommended Product

XCubeNXT Series

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • 25GbE / 16Gb FC
  • XMirror
  • Remote Replication
  • Hybrid SSD Cache
  • Compression
  • Deduplication
Application Note & White Paper

Application Note & White Paper

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