Solutions to Effectively Integrate and Accelerate IT Services

Digital information is an important asset for businesses.?How do you structure the right IT environment?to meet massive data growth,?dig out valuable information and improve business?profitability??
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Windows AD/LDAP Domain Integration

‧ Difficult to integrate with Windows AD and LDAP?
‧ Need to move or backup files and permission between file servers?

File Server Setup and Permission Control

‧ Seamless file access across different operating system?
‧ Confusing permission and access control?
‧ Messy file classification?

Performance Optimization

‧ How to upgrade storage to break?performance bottleneck?
‧ Need extra room for high speed SSD?

Expand Storage Space

‧ How to expand file storage space without service interruption?

Hybrid Cloud Build Up

‧ Want to embrace business private cloud?
‧ How to integrate with public cloud and provide hybrid cloud service?

IT Value-Add Service

‧ Need to build a web server?
‧ Build servers to provide different service?
‧ Ensure security?when access?from a public network?

Windows AD/LDAP?Domain Integration

Windows Active Directory(AD) is a directory service provided by Microsift and is greatly adopted?by various companies. Lightweight Directory Access Protocol(LDAP) is an open protocol, which provides directory managemet service for business, too.

By supporting Windows AD and LDAP, the XCubeNAS enables seamless account integration and minimize IT?workload. Corporation users can immediately use the XCubeNAS file service.

Permission Control and Windows ACL

Support permission control for share folders and files. XCubeNAS supports?all 13 Windows ACL,?enables you to apply full Windows file permission mechanisms on files and folders?from XCubeNAS.

Complete ACL backup
File permissions must be fully preserved when files and folders are transfer or backup to different filder servers.XCubeNAS fully retain the original file permissions?when moving files between XCubeNAS and other file servers.?When data is moved from Windows server to XCubeNAS, all Windows ACL permissions will be retained.

Build Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud for Business?

You can?build your own cloud with XCubeNAS and?use your QSAN Cloud hostname to access NAS without any setting.

Build Your Own Cloud

XCubeNAS can aggregate iSCSI storage in corporate networks, storage resources are effectively used to build the business cloud.

Cloud Backup

Support Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and AmazonS3.

Easy Access

You can build a hybird cloud by integrating?private and public cloud,?allows you to access and back up the files on mobile devices, PCs, or thin clients anytime and anywhere.

File Server Setup

Cross Platform Access : Support

SMB, NFS, AFP, FTP, and WebDAV。The XCubeNAS provides seamless file sharing across Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android platforms.

Quota Control on Accounts and Share Folders

Allow administrator?to properly arrange storage resources without space overuse by a single user.

Snapshot Data Backup

Administrators can better control data versions and execute point-in-time recovery on folders and LUNs, and these can be flexibly restored to previously known good states.

Innovative Hybrid Storage Capacity

Without affecting existing slots, the XCubeNAS positions extra support?for SATA and NVMe SSD, this way we can ensure that both the demands for capacity and performance can be satisfied.?With these additional SSDs, advanced features such as SSD caching and auto-tiering?can be utilized to offer a complete ongoing optimization.
With the PCIe expansion slots, XCubeNAS supports Thunderbolt? 3, 10Gb?ethernet and?16Gb fibre channel?to enhance the data transmission bandwidth significantly.?

N+E Design

Additional 2.5 Inch?SSD Bays

Additional 2.5 inch SATA SSD and cutting edge NVMe SSD?are provided in order to enable advanced features without sacrificing storage capacity.


Auto Tiering

Smart auto tiering increases the performance of your business-related applications.?It?analyzes how often data has been accessed. Frequently-used data would will then be automatically moved to drives with higher access speeds, while rarely-used data would be is moved to large capacity, slower drives.?

SSD Cache

SSD Cache

Read/write operations across localhost and JBODs are greatly enhanced, and the I/O latency of workload-intensive applications which need frequent random access will be greatly reduced.?

Storage Space Expansion

QSAN Storage?offers ?expansion enclosure support to ensures high capacity flexibility.?Data deduplication and compression technology reduce storing duplicate data blocks and files to maximize storage capacity

Expansion unit

Expansion Unit

The XCubeNAS Rackmount series provides massive scale-up capability by connecting any of our expansion enclosures. It gives the ability for up to 3 PB of raw storage space.


Data Deduplication

The data deduplication feature of the XCubeNAS is an inline, block-level function that checks the block similarity of data as it enters the system. With deduplication, QSM will auto remove of the redundant data object to reduce the usage of storage capacity.



Data compression helps ITs to reduce the amount of storage you need to purchase and maintain.

Value-Added Services

XCubeNAS?allows you to enable comprehensive applications and services. Everything from file sharing to data storage, even hosting a website, the XCubeNAS can do it all.

Business Website Management

QSAN supports the SQL server and?web server service with PHP support, allowing users to enter their NAS or their web page. With the virtual host service on a web server, users can host multiple websites on the same XCubeNAS.

Data Protection & Security

Safely Access to Network Resources

With VPN service, You can use a privately connected network to access unlimited websites and applications。Stay safe when connected to network?in public?places.

Storage Management

Hypervisor Manager

Virtualization in nowadays becomes a primary solution for enterprises to run multiple applications on a single piece of hardware. In XCubeNAS, the built-in Hypervisor Manager is an easy-to-use application enabling you to create and manage virtual machines that run directly on the XCubeNAS.?

Application Note & White Paper

Application Note & White Paper

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