MSP Solutions for Risk Mitigation and Access to Cloud Native

A new class of MSP (Managed Service Provider) is growing rapidly, building businesses on cloud platforms. In addition to solutions that help mitigate risk, lower TCO, and build secure SLA-guaranteed infrastructure, these next-generation MSPs flexibly adapt to the latest cloud-based automation to help their customers run applications efficiently on cloud platforms.

Sign the contract with client

How to guarantee SLA

How to ensure no service down

IT infrastructure not break the SLA

Afraid of data service crash

Is great deal storage safe

What storage provider can promise MSP

Capacity limitation matters

What Challenges MSP Must to Address

To follow the shifting trends in IT, business models for MSP have to overcomes the obstacles driving in better business benefit.

No Locked Vendor Easy Scale & Maintain

Don’t have to purchase storage with certain amounts of disks for flexible and gradually expansion. In order to fulfill the need of rapid growth data, easy scalability for insufficient capacity help MSPs works more effeciently. Reducing of administration, and maintenance drive MSPs more focus on your business running.
Capacity expansion

Meet capacity limitation?

  • All product line support large (over 18 TB) capacity drive
  • Highly flexible scalability, PB-grade of capacity
  • Storage on demand (run time expansion) to prevent extra expenditure on storage infrastructure
Data management

Can we save more time for management?

  • 5-minute effortless set-up process, clear and intuition dashboard management
  • Auto-track SSD condition and auto report to shorten risk and reduce administration management
  • Dual-active controller designed for online upgrade and maintenance, ensuring always-on service

Reduce 50% of TCO with Great Deal Storage

QSAN helps MSPs lower ownership costs with industry-leading technology. It’s important for MSPs to be disciplined about its capital expenditures and neither overinvest nor undertake investment equipment that do not exceed the internal cost of capital.
Data deduplication

Enhance the existing space for data storing

  • Inline deduplication and compression for mix workload
  • Reduce the space, power, and cooling associated with storage
  • Optimize MSPs' TCO and OpEx

Not sacrifice performance for lower TCO

  • Sub-millisecond latency for rapid data growth
  • Smoothy working flow during peak-hour log-in
  • Reduce TCO cost by flexible NVMe, SATA, SAS SSD usage

Why QSAN save more at the same scale?

  • Great Deal Storage
    (Save 25% compare to the market)

  • Inline Dedupe & Compression
    (Save more than 10% capacity compare to the market)

  • Stable and Low Latency Performance
    (Enhance 15% compare to the market)

Guarantee SLA then Reduce Complexity

QSAN provides simple tool and workable technique that help MSPs to deploy the helpful solutions to reduce the complex of storage infrastructure. Simple and comprehensive applications are the keys driving clients to success.
Six-9 High Availability

No service downtime guarantee

  • Only near 30 seconds downtime per year, achieving six-9 high availibility
  • Always online services help MSPs maintain services easily and gain the trust from clients
Pool encryption

How we against cyber attack

  • Access control and firewall block various situations
  • Military-grade AES 256 pool encryption, WORM (Write Once Read Many) and snapshot lock for core data protection
  • Comprehensive block and file level data backup
Storage Infrastructure deployment

Having a mixed Infrastructure

  • Having all-flash as primary storage for best performance
  • Hybrid storage for backup and disaster recovery to keep data safe

Build Powerful Cloud Services

MSP business models are evolving to focus on becoming trusted advisors and service providers for their customers. QSAN's storage equipped with Western Digital large capacity disks enables MSP to launch hybrid cloud environments faster and stable. QSAN also provides the industry’s leading all-flash storage and data management system so MSPs can build formidable cloud services with NVMe-based performance for VMware, VDI, SQL Server, Oracle, and also in HPC, AI, fast-path environments.
Managed Container Opportunities for MSPs
Managed Container Opportunities for MSPs

With the popularity of containerized applications, MSPs can fill the need for hosting Kubernetes, one of the most popular open source systems for containerized applications. While anyone can download Kubernetes for free, installing and managing it will take a lot of time and expertise. Therefore, managed Kubernetes services are an attractive option for organizations looking to focus on their applications. This is a fantastic opportunity for MSPs. QSAN provides a standard interface storage device CSI (Container Storage Interface) driver solution to help MSP simplify the deployment process.

Choose the Best Storage for Your Business

Helping MSPs build formidable cloud services with NVMe-based storage performance

Recommended Product

XCubeFAS Series

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • 25 GbE iSCSI / 32 Gb FC
  • QSLife
  • QReport

Low latency performance helps MSPs serve smoothly and gain trust from clients

Recommended Product

XCubeFAS Series

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • 25 GbE iSCSI / 32 Gb FC
  • QSLife
  • QReport

Easy scalable to PB level usage ensures storage assist well for MSPs services

Recommended Product

XCubeNXT 8100 Series

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • 25 GbE iSCSI / 32 Gb FC
  • XMirror
  • WORM
Application Note & White Paper

Application Note & White Paper

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