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"QSAN XS3326D exactly offers us what we need! We have been looking for powerful, stable SAN storage with exceptional scalability up to petabytes scale. As our data center business experiences rapid expansion and necessitates potent storage solutions to address more intensive workloads, we'd like to deploy more QSAN storage devices to complete our data center topology."

Director - Tahir Takabaev

Company Biography

AHOST is a top datacenter with over 10 years in Kazakhstan transforming organizations and industries to the digital data-driven future with strong local expertise and capabilities to serve our clients in every corner of Kazakhstan.

The Challenge

In Kazakhstan, data has rapidly become the lifeblood of businesses, governments, and individuals alike. The volume of data continues to grow exponentially, and the need for robust and efficient data storage and management solutions has never been more critical. Thus, we need to expand and upgrade our IT infrastructure to keep up with the ever-growing demands.

The Solution

The integration of servers with VSAN technology introduces an additional layer of data protection, addressing current storage needs promptly and highlighting the adaptability of our data center infrastructure. The successful implementation of storage solutions across both clusters assures the data center's sustained efficiency and reliability in the dynamic landscape of virtualization and storage technologies.

Within the secondary cluster, comprised of QSAN XS3326D and servers integrated with VSAN technology, a meticulously configured mirrored setup has been established. This configuration elevates data redundancy and overall reliability plus exceptional expansion potential through the addition of multiple JBODs to meet the surging storage demands.

The Benefits

  1. XS3326D provieds outstanding performance for our intensive datacenter workloads. 

  2. 99.9999% high-availability design eliminates single points of failure to enhance storage reliability and availability. 

  3. Its scalability is exceptional and ideal for our future expansion plan. The seamless integration of QSAN XS3326D with servers has surpassed our initial expectations, achieving greater success for our company. This integration not only significantly enhances data reliability and efficiency but also lays a robust foundation for our primary virtualization cluster.

Recommended Product


XCubeSAN 3300

XCubeDAS 5300

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Recommended Features

  • 99.9999% High Availability
  • VMware Ready
  • Flexible Scalability