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"We are quite satisfied with QSAN platform since the first installation in 2019. It met all the strict requirements of storage in our highly-virtualized environment to support the growing business." said by Leonid Priymak, IT Director of CBC Group. "When new storage demand came up, there was no doubt to consider QSAN."

Company Biography

CBC Group of Companies is is the market leader in the Republic of Kazakhstan in the automotive industry (trucks and special equipment), logistics (cargo transportation) and construction. The company provides integrated solutions, products and services of high quality for industrial and consumer purposes.

  CBC Group of Companies in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Challenge

The company needed to modernize its IT infrastructure and move to a virtual environment. It was required to find the most effective solution in terms of the ratio of performance, reliability, functionality and price.

The Solution

After a thorough market analysis and consultation services from storage specialist, Vista Systems, it was decided to stick with the following configuration with QSAN storage platform
  • Open-sourse version of the Proxmox virtualization platform
  • Storage access interface - iSCSI
  • Avoid using expensive high-speed switches
  • Support third-party drives
CBC Group of Companies topology

The Benefits

  • Support of a wide range of interfaces with the possibility of expansion -> no need for expensive switches
  • Support of third-party drives -> savings when buying expensive SSDs
  • Auto-Tiering and SSD cache support -> excellent balance of performance and cost of drives
  • High-availability design - two Active-Active controllers
  • High-performance solution (fully covers current requirements) with scalability
  • The ability to expand disk space online
In the future, it is planned to build a disaster recovery solution, as well as purchase at least one JBOD for one of the storage systems in order to enlarge capacity.

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 3200

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • High-availability
  • Auto-Tiering