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China Central Television


"The CCTV media production truck uses QSAN storage as the core of its storage solution. The storage system is seamlessly integrated with various media equipment in the production truck to achieve efficient media data management and access. QSAN storage devices are lightweight and portable, and support a variety of connection methods, ensuring flexibility in use in different situations."

Company Biography

China Central Television, commonly known as CCTV, is the national television media of the People's Republic of China. It was established on May 1, 1958 and officially broadcast on September 2, 1958. It now has 49 TV channels, making it the TV station with the largest number of TV channels in the world. It is affiliated to China Central Radio and Television. Quoted from "Wikipedia".

China Central Television success story

The Challenge

As a mobile multimedia transmission platform, the CCTV media production truck faces serious challenges in data storage and management.
•Massive data management: CCTV needs to store huge amounts of high-definition videos, audio and multimedia content. Besides, it requires an efficient storage system to cope with these data.
•Data availability: Production trucks require real-time access and playback of data, and data loss or delay cannot be tolerated.
•Mobility: Production trucks need to be highly mobile and storage solutions must be able to adapt to changing work environments.

The Solution

Outstanding performance : QSAN storage products provide large capacity and high-performance storage solutions that can easily handle large amounts of multimedia data.
Data availability: QSAN's RAID technology and data protection features ensure the availability and integrity of data and reduce the risk of data loss.
High mobility: The QSAN storage devices is in lightweight and sturdy design, adaptable to different working environments, and supports rapid data I/O to ensure the security and availability of data while moving.

The Benefits

The multimedia equipment in the OB truck needs to be highly mobile and powerful, and the storage solution must be able to adapt to the changing working environment. QSAN XCubeNXT meets all the needs of the storage environment in the production truck.

Recommended Product

XCubeNXT 8000D

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Recommended Features

  • Outstanding Performance
  • 99.9999% High Availability
  • Flexible Scalability