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“Easy implementation in our VMware environment. QSAN devices have a very good price/performance value.”

Andreas Wendel, IT-Technician.

Company Biography

Software and SAP Consulting. The company was founded in 1993 and has a recognized expertise as SAP-Partner with over 1,500 implemented projects and over 600 installations. 130 employees are serving customers in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

The Challenge

We needed to replace or upgrade our storage with a higher performance storage for VMware virtualization Cluster. We considered expanding the existing DELL Storage with SSD drives or buying a new system with HDDs and SSDs if the price would have been reasonable. We decided to invest in a new QSAN system by doing so we were able to effectively increase the capacity as well as reduce cost by 20% compared with the expansion of the older system by DELL.

The Solution

The range of compatible drives we can use and the outstanding performance the SAN delivers with standard SAS and SATA drives make the QSAN storage a perfect product for our existing infrastructure. The price of the new storage and the possibility to use a wide range of drives available on market, helped us to decide not to buy new drives for our existing storage but replace the whole system with a QSAN solution keeping the existing storage for backup/failover.

The Benefits

The challenge was to deliver very high IOPS on the primary storage layer and a large amount of space in lower tiers. QSAN delivered both at a very reasonable price. We want to use a large variety of drives available on market and not to be bound to the drives the manufacturers of the storage tell us to use.

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 5200

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • High Scalability