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Elite Golf Club in Moscow

Russian Federation

"QSAN offers future-ready storage solution to meet the requirements of our AI-enabled video surveillance system with high performance, 24/7 reliability and expansion flexibiliy all inlcusive for 200+ cameras connected and more in the future. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for and couldn’t be happier."

IT Manager of the golf club

Company Biography

An elite golf club with a vast territory, unique location, beautiful design and landscape offering its members excellent facilities for sports and entertainment. The infrastructure provides comfortable conditions not only for sports but also for business meetings, celebrations and nice walks in the open air.

Elite Golf Club in Moscow with QSAN storage surveillance solution

The Challenge

Before commissioning the facility, it was necessary to build a security system, one of the elements of which was video surveillance with 24/7 operation. The requirements for the video surveillance system included the ability to scale both in the number of cameras and in the depth of archive storage. All upgrade work must take place without disconnecting any components of the security system.

The Solution

Due to the high security requirements of the facility, the entire received video stream from surveillance cameras must be subjected to detailed analysis using intelligent video surveillance software modules: face recognition, license plate recognition, incident detection, statistics calculation, etc. Despite the small number of cameras, analytics requires a sufficient amount of computing resources. Therefore, 5 servers were selected. As a result, each server receives such a data flow that a 1GbE network is sufficient for its transmission, which significantly reduces the total cost of the solution. However, consolidation of the entire video archive on a single storage system requires, on the contrary, sufficient bandwidth from it in order not to become a bottleneck. Therefore, iSCSI with a speed of 10GbE was chosen as its interface. QSAN comes with these fast ports by default, which also saves you budget without compromising on performance.

One of the requirements for a video surveillance system is the ability to scale "on the fly", which the customer has already used many times. When commissioning new premises and adding the number of cameras, it was enough just to install an additional server. And the increased requirements for the amount of stored data required just to connect JBODs to this server online.

Elite Golf Club in Moscow Large Scale Surveillance Solution

The Benefits

Flexible scalability, simplicity, high availability, lowering TCO (compatible drives)

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 3200

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  • Large Scale Surveillance