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“We have been present in the tourism market for over 30 years and kept expending year after year. We believe the success of the company is based on excellence of services. Today’s market is extremely different than it was just 5 years ago, we have to react quickly and adapt to every change. Our IT infrastructure is one of the major keys to success. Picking the right solutions is critical.”

Company Biography

A leading travel agency and tour operator in Turkey and the first company that established the chain of Agency – Transportation – Guidance – Accommodation. 

The Challenge

Finding all-round storage for backup for Tier-1 primary storage cluster. High performance, easy to setup, budget friendly. 

The Solution

QSAN XS5226D is deployed as backup target for Tier-1 Storage Cluster. Backup software: Veeam. Due to performance overhead, the XS5226D is also used as storage for app testing and development sandbox.  

QSAN Products: XS5226D 2U26 Dual-Controller SAN with 4x 16Gb FC Ports per controller. 

Host: VMWare ESXI 

Backup Software: Veeam 

The Benefits

“It took us some time to evaluate the best solution for the backup of our datacenter, QSAN is a new vendor for us, but since the company already has multiple global deployments and already established support in Turkey, we have decided to give them a try. As an outcome, we were quite impressed by the quality of the hardware and user friendliness of the XS5226D. Additionally this storage was already integrated with WD JBOD, Data60, which gave us impossible price offer. “ 

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 5200

Recommended Models