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Geomatic Department in Turkey


“The TAKBIS Project is important to the development of our country and there are great expectations in the services it provides. The QSAN and Western Digital storage solution provided by DepoTurk provides accurate, reliable and quickly accessible land registry and cadastral information when needed.”

Director of Geomatic Department

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The General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, also known as the Geomatic Department, is tasked with keeping the cadastral (ownership and land registry) records for the Republic of Turkey.

To this end, the Geomatic Department developed the TAKBIS project to maintain, update and electronically deliver this valuable information to local governments, public institutions and research organizations throughout the country.

Recording ownership and land registry records

The Challenge

The data stored within TAKBIS includes maps and photographs of roads, canals and pipelines of gas and water throughout the country. This data is considered to be of the highest value as it would be extremely expensive to regenerate. It was originally created at great expense and effort using aircraft, drones and mobile camera cars. With so much time and effort invested in collecting this information, safekeeping the digital content created is crucial.

That is why it was extremely important for the Geomatic Department to find a top-notch storage solution to cope with their growing photographic archive. The department needed a flexible, reliable and easy-to-scale storage infrastructure to maintain high-resolution images and ensure they could deliver that information rapidly when needed.

The Geomatic Department’s existing storage infrastructure was reaching maximum capacity and needed upgrading to accommodate the growing high-resolution photographic archive and ensure safekeeping of valuable cadastral information.

The Solution

To address these challenges and save precious time, the Geomatic Department turned to its trusted technology partner, DepoTurk, for assistance. DepoTurk is the leading IT System Integrator and solution provider of innovative network and communication solutions to business and government customers in the Republic of Turkey.

The experts at DepoTurk designed a powerful storage architecture based on the QSAN XCubeSAN XS1226D with Western Digital Ultrastar Data60 hybrid storage platform as expansion. To improve the reliability and efficiency of this critical storage infrastructure, DepoTurk selected the Ultrastar Data60 hybrid storage platform filled with Ultrastar HelioSeal® hard drives.

“It is a great honor for DepoTurk to deliver this unique QSAN-based storage solution and Western Digital to the government of the Republic of Turkey.”said by Serkan SÖKELİ, General Director DepoTurk Inc.

The Benefits

The combined solution of QSAN XCubeSAN with Ultrastar Data60 provided the Geomatic Department with the ability to store the petabytes of captured images and metadata required for the TAKBIS project in a low maintenance solution that provides high performance and is durable, reliable and easy to use.

The Geomatic Department is very happy with the innovative solution DepoTurk delivered and within the first month they were able to scan, transcribe and store 25,564,912 title deed records in Ottoman script into the new digital environment.

Source from Western Digital and edited by QSAN

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