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Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU)

Russian Federation

“It is our first experience with QSAN. It’s too early to make conclusion but no complaints till now since installation “

Ilya Aristov, Head of Workplace Support Department

Company Biography

KNRTU is the largest educational center of chemical and technological profile in the Russian Federation - the leader in the field of training highly qualified engineering personnel in the field of Chemical Technology. It implements more than 378 educational programs of higher, secondary, and additional education. KNRTU has received a high reputation and global recognition for its research activities conducting research in priority areas of science and technology development. For the production of pilot batches, technology development, and R&D commercialization, a Research and Production Park, consisting of business incubators, innovative areas, and a technology transfer center has been created. Today, KNRTU's innovation infrastructure includes 38 small enterprises and 26 RECs with the country's leading scientific and educational institutions.

Kazan National Research Technological University Case Study

The Challenge

In the past, KNRTU has been using several servers with directly attached storage as IT infrastructure hosting DSM (Document Management Software) to support the transition to electronic document flow (EDF). The implementation of EDF has significantly improved the efficiency of school administration but the exponential growth of data from document digitalization has made the upgrade and maintenance of siloed servers more complicated and costly. The IT team realized it's time to move to centralized storage which is efficient, secured, and scalable to meet the future demand of petabyte-scale data pool. The constraint of the budget also pushed the team to conduct thorough market research to find the suitable storage solution to meet all these requirements.

The Solution

The university made its choice for QSAN XCubeNXT with 10GbE built-in and add-on 25GbE options to meet the performance requirement. The dual-active design also guarantees the high-availability to ensure continuous operation without downtime. The built-in WORM (Write-Once, Ready-Many) made the data stored is immutable against ransomware and cyberattacks. Capacity can be expanded by demand because QSAN supports the "no drive vendor lockin", the school can expand the capacity at the time they need with the latest and the most cost-effective drives they can buy in the market. This helps a lot for budget management since they do not need to buy fully populated systems in the first beginning or bunch of drives for the upgrade as required by all tier-1 storage vendors. 2 units of XN8024D unified storage are used for databases and file storage to make the electronic document flow most effective, speedy and safe.

Kazan National Research Technological University Case Topology

The Benefits

QSAN XN8024D offers the enterpise-grade storage solution with high-peformance, high-availability, security and flexibility in scaling.

Recommended Product

XCubeNXT 8000D

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • Data security
  • High-availability Architecture
  • Flexible Scalability