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Modernizing Data Center Infrastructure for Unprecedented Growth with QSAN NVMe All-Flash Array


" QSAN's XF3126D has been a total game-changer for us! It is the core of our mission-critical infrastructure and we’re planning to deploy more units."

IT Manager

Company Biography

The first neutral and certified infrastructure in North Africa offering reliable, secure and flexible IT infrastructure hosting solutions in production or backup mode. Based in Tunisia, hub of Europe and Africa, this data center has been an important interconnected center for data exchanges for Euro-Mediterranean region and Africa with lots of long-term customers such as IBM, Association Tunisienne d'Internet et Multimédia (ATIM), Orange Tunisie, Tunisie Télécom, etc. It is dedicated to high-quality comprehensive hosting services and customized IT solutions to empower partners and customers.
Data Center

The Challenge

This data center provides a comprehensive range of hosting services and IT solutions tailored to individuals, small and medium businesses, enterprises, banks, and government sectors. With a track record of remarkable growth, we anticipate a surge in enterprise-level demand in the near future.

To meet this growing demand, this data center has embarked on a transformative journey to revamp our outdated IT infrastructure. Over the years, the rising costs of part replacement and maintenance, coupled with inadequate performance, have necessitated this overhaul.

The Solution

In collaboration with partner DGTEC, this data center has determined that only an NVMe All-Flash Array can fulfill their stringent requirements. With a focus on lower latency, faster response times, reduced power consumption, exceptional performance, rapid data transfer, and mitigated bottlenecks, they thoroughly reviewed multiple NVMe All-Flash Array options available in the market.

Following in-depth consultations with DGTEC, this data center made the decision to deploy the QSAN XF3126D. This solution not only meets their high IOPS and μs-level latency needs but also aligns with their procurement budget. The initial system deployment has already showcased noticeable improvements in performance and stability, further solidifying the suitability of the solution.

Impressed by the results, this data center has decided to expand their infrastructure by deploying a second QSAN XF3126D system within just six months. This highlights their confidence in the product's capabilities and its seamless integration within their environment.

The Benefits

"In the beginning, QSAN was unfamiliar to us, and we held reservations about its product. However, our partner DGTEC stood by us, providing thorough technical information and encouraging us to give it a chance. This decision turned out to be a game-changer! We are delighted to have discovered this exceptional NVMe All-Flash solution, and its overall performance has exceeded our expectations. Given the significant increase in demand, we are confident in deploying more systems to meet the growing needs", said IT Manager.

1. Ultra-high performance with low latency
2. Easy-to-use operative system XEVO with smart dashboard showing comprehensive overview of SSDs, pools, volumes, hosts, etc.
3. Highly valuable product with affordable price

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  • Ultra-high performance with μs latency
  • Cost-effective
  • High availability and enterprise reliability
  • XEVO - User-friendly dashboard
  • QSlife
  • QReport