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New Drama Life Production Team Adopts QSAN Solution for Online Editing


“The combination of QSAN XN5024R + XS1224D fulfills our requirements for storage device with reasonable price. The system brings together editing and production tasks of the program. Moreover, the simple deployment contributes to the stability and the outstanding performance of the solution.”

- New Drama Life

Company Biography

New Drama Life is the first civilian dramatist reality show in China. Summoned by Huang Lei and Stan Lai, eight civilian dramatists together form a new theatrical company in Wuzhen. Within eight weeks, they live here and prepare for a performance. While earning their own fund for the show, each of them have the opportunity to compete, with the fund, for launching a theater and to obtain the right to use the theater for one year.

New Drama Life Production Team Adopts QSAN Solution for Online Editing

The Challenge

To ensure the stability of delivering the program, the current solution requires dual-controller architecture and high bandwidth, along with attributes including stability, safety, scalability, and maintainability. New Drama Life expects to achieve better availability through the bandwidth, as noted in the following statements:

• The front-end editing system requires non-linear editing and separate permission setting
• The back-end storage device demand high capacity and scalability.
• The high efficiency of the platform requires no additional third-party products consumption.
• The system should take advantage of network bank with iSCSI or fibre channel.

The Solution

After evaluation and comparison between products, New Drama Life chose QSAN XN5024R and XS1224D as their new storage solution. Based on the existing data amount that requires backup as well as future prospects, we recommended our client XCubeNXT XN5024R NAS device in the front-end, as well as the combination of XS1224D and XD5324 in the back-end for backup.

XCubeNAS 5000 Series is NAS devices designated for enterprise level applications, featuring simple but high-end functions. It supports multiple RAID types, including 0, 1, 5, 6, 50, 60, and is therefore suitable for various applications scenarios. Each RAID configuration can be deployed instantly without initialization or syncing, providing safe and fault-tolerant storage. If one disk brakes down in a RAID group, fast rebuild mechanism recovers the block, instead of the entire array, for lower risk of data loss. Additionally, the system provides enterprise-level functions including auto-tearing, data compression, deduplication, and SSD cache.

Our XCubeNXT XN1200D series performs well in terms of enterprise-level functions. It creates extensive ways of deployment with its safety, scalability, and decent price. For instance, supporting hypervisor makes data management smarter and more efficient. Moreover, MPIO access maximizes business’ return on investment by shortening reaction time and increasing productivity. QSAN offers high-end storage technology with high accessibility and scalability, replacing the pricy existing system with products at reasonable price.

New Drama Life Production Editing workflow

New Drama Life Production Team with QSAN Solution Topology

The Deployment of the System

• 10 Windows-based 3D effect workstations, 5 servers for Da Vinci color correction, 36 Mac for editing (30 devices for HQ and 6 for 4K editing)
• QSAN NAS unified storage XN5024R at the front-end for a co-editing and sharing environment of video source
• QSAN XS1224D and two XD5324D expansion units for back-end storage and backup


• Efficiently establishing a front-end platform for multimedia co-editing and sharing; deploying HA storage array for back-end backup tasks
• Centralizing permission level management by supporting Windows AD/ACL
• Accelerating productivity for non-linear editing environment with SSD cache
• Doubling IOPS with dual-controller architecture, while ensuring the continuality of computing tasks with failover mechanism

The Benefits

• XCubeNAS unified storage provides both individuals and workgroups stable performance for multimedia co-editing. Supporting 1Gb, 10Gb, and 25Gb LAN port as well as 16Gb fibre channel port further implements high-speed and stable performance.

• The two controllers of XCubeSAN simultaneously provide services. Such architecture doubles the bandwidth, raises cache hit ratio, and ensures that resources are not wasted.

• XCubeSAN achieves 99.9999% availability with the redundancy design and hot plugging of critical components. In addition, non-transparent bridge between controllers for failover and failback guarantees the dual-active architecture, allowing the system to endure components failure without suspending the service.

• XCubeSAN is compatible with iSCSI and fibre channel with agile host cards. Th device features built-in 10GbR iSCSI, which provides a throughput of 9GB/s sequential read and 4.5GB/s sequential write, as well as 900K IOPS.

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 1200

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • Cross platform: supporting protocols including iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, FTP, WebDav, and AFP
  • Enterprise-level functions: thin provisioning, hybrid SSD cache (read/write), and auto-tiering
  • Comprehensive backup options: snapshot, local backup, and remote backup for disaster effective recovery
  • Virtualized envitonment integration: VMware VAAI, Microsoft Hyper-V ODX, and Citrix virtualization
  • High-speed: Dual-active SAN system is equipped with 4 10Gb iSCSI ports, which brings up a total bandwidth of 40Gb/s