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“Providence University chose QSAN and successfully introduced storage application solutions, providing reliable and efficient storage systems to ensure data security and availability.”

Company Biography

The Sisters of Providence in the United States recognized in the early 20th century that women's social status was generally low in countries around the world. They felt a calling to serve in poverty-stricken and war-torn China. Thus, in 1920, they dispatched Mother Marie Gratia Luking along with five sisters to Henan, Kaifeng, to begin their work in women's education, and in 1921, they established the "Hua-Mei Girls' Elementary and High Schools." In 1932, to commemorate the hardships endured by Mother Marie Gratia, the school was renamed "Jing-Yi Girls' High School" using her Chinese name, "Lu Jing-Yi."

In 1948, Mother Marie Gratia decided to relocate the school to Taiwan and continued their educational mission. In 1949, they founded the "Catholic English School," which grew rapidly in student numbers. In 1953, a new campus was built on Fuxing Road in Taichung City. In 1956, it was officially registered with the Ministry of Education as the "Providence Girls' English Specialized School." In recognition of its excellent educational achievements, it was granted the status of "Providence Girls' College of Arts and Sciences" in 1963. With a significant increase in student numbers, the campus became overcrowded, prompting the relocation to Shalu in 1987. In 1989, it was restructured and became the "Providence Women's University," and in 1993, it was renamed "Providence University," allowing for the admission of male students.

Currently, Providence University has six colleges: the College of Foreign Languages, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College of Science, the College of Management, the College of Informatics, and the International College, with a student population of over 11,000. Quoting from "Providence University's official website."

Providence University

The Challenge

Providence University has had a lot of data and information needs since its establishment. However, in the face of increasing data volume and operational strategies, we face the following challenges:

(1) Data storage and management:

A reliable and efficient storage system that can cope with a large amount of data storage requirements and ensure data security and availability.

(2) Data protection and backup:

Data is an extremely important asset of the school, which needs to be backed up and protected regularly to prevent data loss or damage.

(3) Resource management and optimization:

Resources need to be managed and optimized effectively to ensure optimal performance and operational efficiency.

(4) Cost-effectiveness:

The ability to optimize cost-effective solutions to meet our needs while minimizing investment and operating costs.

The Solution

Providence University chose QSAN and successfully introduced storage application solutions, providing reliable and efficient storage systems, such as: XCubeSAN series products, which can meet a large amount of data storage needs. With high reliability and scalability, it can ensure data security and availability. Complete data protection and backup functions, including periodic snapshots and off-site backups, etc. These features ensure data security and integrity while providing fast data recovery capabilities.
Solution topology

The Benefits

To sum up, Providence University has successfully imported QSAN products and obtained reliable and efficient data storage and management, complete data protection and backup functions, advanced resource management and optimization capabilities, and cost-effective solutions. These benefits allow Providence University to address growing data demands and operational challenges while ensuring data security, availability, and optimal operational efficiency.

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 3300

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Recommended Features

  • Schedule Snapshot
  • Remote Replication
  • Flexible Expansion