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PT. Aetra Air Jakarta


“The management and installation of QSAN XF2026D are quite easy to hand-on, the after-sales support is extremely good and the price is very affordable compared to other brands.”

Company Biography

PT Aetra Air Jakarta ("Aetra" or "Company") was established on December 4, 1997. It is responsible for managing, operating, maintaining, and investing to optimize, add and improve clean water services in the Aetra operational area. The operational area of ​​Aetra is east of the Ciliwung River which covers parts of North Jakarta, part of Central Jakarta, and the whole of East Jakarta. Through its vision, Aetra continues to strive to be the leading water service provider in Indonesia. As of December 31, 2017, the number of Aetra's customers reached 445,442 customers with 61.97% service coverage and the Customer Satisfaction Index reached 83.92 points.

The Challenge

We need good performance, stability and also throughput qualified while this storage designation will be functioned as a datastore on the VMware server which VM client are production servers with SQL and Oracle database applications.

The Solution

Since June 6, 2019, we have replaced the old Storage with QSAN XCubeFAS XF2026D. We use this storage as the main storage for operating our main Customer Database (Oracle Database). Whereas this storage is used for online transactions, processing daily batch and processing monthly batch reports.

Previously, we hoped that this storage replacement could increase daily and monthly batch process performance to double faster, but the results we got are very surprising - the daily and monthly batch processes run faster between 3 times to 4 times faster, some even up to 8 times faster. The greater the amount of data processed, the greater the multiples of the increase in performance. Besides, fast rebuild helped to save enormous efforts and time to rebuild the data, dramatically reducing the possibility of data lost because of the failure of multiple disk at the same time.QSAN XF2026D is very easy to install, the features are complete, after sales support is extremely good and the price is very affordable compared to others.

The Benefits

XCubeFAS provides 4 times more IOPS and faster volume rebuild than competitor.

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