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Regler Systems GmbH&NTFS GmbH&Co.KG


“Very responsive and good support. QSAN devices have a very good price/performance value. iSCSI Management is better than we expected and delivers all feature we need for our virtualization environments.”

Company Biography

NTFS is part of the REGLER SYSTEMS-Group, a medium-sized company founded in 1897, starting as a bookshop. Today, they offer services in IT infrastructure and Data Security, print and copy systems, office supplies and office equipment. With their long-lasting experience in offering IT operation and support, IT Consulting, and Managed Services, they serve customers from all business segments with excellent solutions for their specific requirements.


The Challenge

We need a high-performance iSCSI storage for Hyper-V virtualization Clusters. The range of compatible drives we can use and the outstanding performance the devices delivers with standard SAS and SATA drives makes the QSAN storage devices a good product for our datacenter needs and customers on premise and cloud Hyper-V solutions.

The Solution

We needed a second storage solution in our SAN and decided to test QSAN products instead of a second storage of our primary storage solution. The challenge was to deliver very high IOPS on the primary storage layer and a large amount of space in lower tiers. QSAN delivered both possibilities at a very interesting price. We want to use a large variety of drives available on market and not to be bound to the drives the manufacturer of the storage tells us to use.

The Benefits

The XCubeSAN XS5226D has worked flawlessly since our installation and the price for performance ratio is outstanding.

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 5200

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • SSD Caching
  • Auto-Tiering
  • Thin provision