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Shandong Education Television


" QSAN storage solution efficiently manages data, has protection and reliability, flexible expansion and high capacity. Ensuring high-quality playback of a large amount of video data and achieving sustainable business operations."

Company Biography

Shandong Education Television (abbreviation: SDETV), that is, Shandong Education TV Station, was also known as China Education TV Shandong Station (CETV-SD) before it separated from the China Education TV Station in 2007. It is a provincial education TV station broadcast by the People's Republic of China. The only local education TV station via satellite in mainland China, headquartered in Jinan City, Shandong Province, is jointly organized by the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China and the People's Government of Shandong Province. Formally established in 1995. It has been a satellite channel since 2003. Quote from "Official Wikipedia".

Shandong Educational TV is the only provincial-level educational satellite TV station in the country jointly established by the Ministry of Education and the Shandong Provincial Government. Satellite signals cover 34 countries and regions. At present, Shandong Educational TV's cable TV network has access to more than 20 provinces, covering a population of 400 million people, 60 million IPTV users, and 250 million OTT users. It also realizes overseas multi-channel transmission of live broadcast signals through Future TV overseas platform under CCTV. Use new media technology to build a media center that supports remote connection, real-time editing, interactive live broadcast, cross-screen interaction, TV, PC, and mobile all-media communication, forming a three-dimensional communication system.

Shandong Education Television

The Challenge

Shandong Education Television is a large educational media organization responsible for recording, storing and broadcasting educational content. However, as an educational media organization, Shandong Education Television processes a large amount of video data every day, including recorded course content and other educational programs. This data requires efficient storage and management to ensure smooth operations and high-quality playback.

Educational media content is an extremely important asset, and Shandong Education Satellite TV needs to ensure data security and availability to prevent data loss or damage. Additionally, they need to have fast data recovery capabilities in case of any potential data loss.

The Solution

Shandong Education Television may have growing storage needs as they continue to create new educational content and expand their business scope. They needed a storage solution with elastic scalability and high capacity to handle future demands. QSAN XCubeNAS 3U 16-bay product is an entry-level NAS plus block hybrid flash unified storage. This array provides an excellent choice for multi-functional data processing storage for budget-sensitive small and medium-sized enterprises. The storage system is easy to operate and is ideal for modern enterprise applications such as: video media editing, large-scale surveillance and backup applications.

Relying on the technical solution of Beijing Zhongke Dayang, QSAN provided the customer with an XCubeNAS 3U 16-bay product. A single unit is configured with 32 GB memory, 4-port 10 GbE (SFP+), 2-port 10 GbE (RJ45), 1 gigabit management port, and 2-port 12 Gb SAS expansion. The storage system has the characteristics of high bandwidth, stability and reliability, high security, easy expansion, and easy maintenance. It can provide a bandwidth of not less than 1,000 MB/S, support 10 high-quality non-editing simultaneous work, and can also meet 4K high-quality workstations are used for editing, packaging, and other applications that require storage performance.

Shandong Education Television Solution Topology

The Benefits

In summary, Shandong Education Television has successfully introduced QSAN products and obtained multiple benefits such as efficient storage and management, data protection and reliability, elastic expansion and high capacity, and efficient operating costs. These benefits enable Shandong Education Television to cope with massive video data and operational challenges, ensuring the security, availability and high-quality playback of educational content, while achieving sustainable business operations.

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