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Sin Lin Yang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd.


"QSAN XCubeNAS storage system is the core of data sharing. Through simple deployment, it provides high efficiency and centralized data protection. In addition, Thin Provisioning allocation helps limited resources achieve maximum efficiency and operational flexibility."

Company Biography

Sin Lin Yang Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. founded in 1981 and has served for more than 15 years. 
Over the years, through the close connections and learning with legal personnel of financial institutions overboard, we had continuously optimized the service and management of overdue receivables. Based on our work, which integrated our own experience to hold various related businesses, we adhered to the principle of excellence, people-oriented, and innovation, and truly achieved the highest benefits for customers at the lowest cost.  Our businesses were located in Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Hualien.

The Challenge

The deputy general manager of Sin Lin Yang Enterprise Management, Mr. Tang said that the main professional services of the company were as follows: 
1. Business Agent Procedure Enforcement 
2. Newspaper Advertising and Announcement Business 
3. Relevant businesses of scrivener offices and land administration agents
4. Foreclosure sales service 
5. Sin Lin Yang Real Estate Agency 
In the face of daily increasing customers, these huge data must be filtered and tracked by our service specialist; therefore, storage equipment that was able to allocate space flexibly was indispensable. 

For our consideration, it was important to balance the efficiency of human resources, nonstop services, and the appropriate equipment costs. 
With the agile storage allocation, QSAN XCubeNAS excelled at its cost-effective enterprise feature, reasonable system management cost, and reliable backup technique, and had become our primary consideration for IT management in enterprise management.


The Solution

Due to the growth of data, traditional storage designs can no longer be applicable to all situations. With the suggestion of QSAN professional sales director, we also applied the Thin Provisioning technique to maximize storage space and configure the capacity on demand. Compared with the traditional deployment, which spaces have been pre-allocated but often stranded and wasted, the on-demand allocation only consumes storage space when the data is actually written to disk. Regarding our business core of the flexible operation, XN3004T undoubtedly provides the best cost-effective solution.

The Benefits

QSAN XCubeNAS solves our archiving problems of massive amounts of data. 
Users have significantly felt the improvement, especially the multi-user connection performance of CIFS, which has considerably benefited the convenience and working efficiency.


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XCubeNAS 3000

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  • Thin Provisioning