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Taipei Municipal Minquan Elementary School


"File retention and WORM save our time managing data and avoid the chance of accidental deletion. It's surprising that a 2bay NAS have these advanced features."

Company Biography

The school was founded on August 1, 1960. In 1960, 13 classes of students were enrolled. The first principal was Mr. Lin Qiucheng.

With the rapid development of Minsheng Community, there were 48 classes in 1965, 68 classes in 1966, and more than 85 classes in 1976, and 82 classes in 1996; successive principals Lin Shugen, Tian Qingcheng, Wu Bingxun, Li Kexiong, Wu Guoji, Zeng Wenlu, Principals such as Ji Qingzhen, who is currently Principal Liu Yilin, adhere to the philosophy of "education is life and love", "enable every learner" and "the most authentic record of the school is the child!", expecting: "singing, The campus is filled with laughter and the sound of reading, and the children have a rich "happy childhood". "The most authentic recorder of the school is the children. Starting from appreciating children, let every learner be able to do it."
Leaders are people who do the right thing , management is the person who does things the right way. If there is leadership without management, leadership is empty; if there is management without leadership, management is dead.

Administrative management is a high-quality school that ensures the effectiveness of school organization, improves educational performance, achieves school goals, and pursues excellence in education.

Taipei Municipal Minquan Elementary School

The Challenge

Director Zhang Yixiu shared that everyone pays the most attention to the issue of information security and data protection. In the network environment of primary schools, the external connection is controlled by the Ministry of Education.

Once a major information security problem occurs, the central government will notify and at the same time a response policy is put forward, so the protection of school safety lies in file sharing. The school will use NAS in the computer room to set up a virtual machine to build an AD server, give each teacher an account, and combine the NAS file sharing function, no additional settings are required.

In addition to information security, performance and stability are also very important when choosing a NAS An important consideration, every Windows update is when the performance is tested. The current solution is to use NAS as a WSUS virtual machine and use a 10Gbs connection.

NAS has been used for file sharing and information security between teachers and has been practiced for many years. What still needs to be prevented is the information security problem derived from data transmission with students.

Due to manpower and various factors, student accounts will not be set up on AD, and there is a need for file sharing for computer class assignments. It is time-consuming to organize student files. The director hopes to use a small NAS to set up once and for all. Solve the problem of file organization and sharing.

  • Transfer of original AD account permission settings
  • 10Gbs bandwidth connection requirements
  • Multi-port connection requirements

The Solution

Unlike the rack-mounted NAS that needs to be installed in the computer room, the director chose the XN3002T to be installed directly in the computer classroom. The purpose is to directly complete all student homework checks on the NAS. The director said that the QSAN XCubeNAS is quite simple to set up. You only need to connect the NAS to the switch with a network cable, and then start the setup. It takes less than 15 minutes to search for the NAS on your own computer and complete the basic settings.

In addition to the main goal of quickly and centrally managing all files, Director Zhang Yixiu also sets up an account for each student. Students can log in through the web UI to learn about the NAS and allow students to actually operate the file sharing method. Now elementary school computer courses are all-encompassing, from programming assignments to drawing software operations, with various file types. Previously, the director spent a lot of time organizing files. By letting students specify the data, the workload and time can be reduced by more than 70%.

The director enabled the File Retention function and WORM function, which also reduces the time spent on managing data and avoids the chance of repeated operations and accidental deletion of data. The director said that he did not expect that WORM, a high-security function, is also provided on the 2bay NAS. In fact, After the operation, the two functions of File Retention and WORM are highly rated.

The Benefits

  • Easy to build, no need to start a new way of teaching.

  • Students can actually operate and understand network storage, and truly advancing with the times is not just watching the sky from a well.

  • Reduce 70% file finishing time, more time to prepare courses.

  • Multiple file functions can prevent files from being deleted by mistake.

Recommended Product

XCubeNAS 3000

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Recommended Features

  • File Sharing
  • File Retention
  • WORM