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Taipei Songshan Airport


"QSAN's storage solution provides efficient storage capacity for Taipei Songshan Airport, ensuring stable operation of the monitoring system and quick access to related data, further enhancing the airport's safety and operational efficiency."

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Company Biography

Before the opening of Taoyuan International Airport in 1979, Songshan Airport was the primary civilian airport in Taiwan. However, as Taipei City expanded, it became difficult to expand the airport. After the completion of Taoyuan International Airport, international scheduled flights were suspended until 2008, when it was re-opened and positioned as a business airport for the capital. Due to factors such as air convection in the afternoon during the summer and frequent typhoons hitting Taiwan, flights are often affected during takeoff and landing. After the opening of the Taipei Metro Neihu Line in 2009, Songshan Airport became the second civilian airport in Taiwan with an external metro system service, following Kaohsiung International Airport. In 2016, Songshan Airport served a total of 6.142 million passengers, ranking third in Taiwan, after Taoyuan International Airport and Kaohsiung International Airport. This information is cited from the official website of Wikipedia.

Taipei Songshan Airport

The Challenge

Taipei Songshan Airport is one of the busiest domestic airports in Taiwan, with a large number of passengers and baggage to handle every day. In such a highly busy environment, the airport needs a reliable monitoring system to ensure safety and smooth operations. However, the airport's monitoring system requires a large amount of storage space to store monitoring videos and related data, which poses challenges such as insufficient storage space and slow access speed.

The Solution

To address these issues, Taipei Songshan Airport has adopted QSAN's storage solution. QSAN's products use efficient RAID technology to protect data security while improving access speed. In addition, QSAN's storage products support multiple storage protocols, including iSCSI and FC, to meet the needs of different application scenarios. When choosing QSAN products, the airport also considered their scalability and high availability.


The Benefits

QSAN's products have several advantages, including efficient RAID technology, support for multiple storage protocols, scalability, and high availability. In addition, QSAN's products have 99.9999% reliability and excellent cost-effectiveness, making them the preferred choice for many businesses and government agencies. In the application at Taipei Songshan Airport, QSAN's products not only meet the airport's needs but also provide better security and service quality, ensuring smooth operations for passengers and baggage.

In conclusion, QSAN's products have been successfully integrated into Taipei Songshan Airport's monitoring system storage application, improving the airport's air traffic control services.

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  • iSCSI & Fibre Channel Protocol Support
  • High Availability
  • Storage Scalability