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University Hospital Policlinico Umberto I


“We needed a storage device that could grant us high-availability and sustained performances with high IOPS and low latency to backup the VMs of our Hyper-V cluster with VEEAM snapshots. QSAN's NVMe all-flash array XF3126D met all our requirements.”

Doctor Diana Gabriella Bruno

Company Biography

The Policlinico Umberto I is the largest hospital in Europe in terms of occupied area and the third Italian hospital in terms of capacity. It's made up of "pavilion" buildings spread over 300 thousand square meters, and distributed in 54 buildings. The first stone of the hospital was laid on 19 January 1888 in the presence of the Sovereigns of Italy. Named after King Umberto I, it began to operate in early 1903, after a solemn inauguration ceremony held in Capitoline Hill in Rome.

A national and highly specialized healthcare company, home to a level II DEA (Department of Emergency, Urgency and Acceptance). It is a complex structure within which research, training, and assistance activities are inextricably intertwined.

It comes out with 1,235 beds, 4,700 employees, traffic of 20,000 people per day, 41,000 hospitalizations per year, 24,000 patients welcomed in day hospitals, 1,000,000 services per year including instrumental diagnostics and medical visits, 900,000 laboratory tests, 20,000 investigations of pathological anatomy in one year and as many radiological investigations, 140,000 annual visits to the Emergency and Reception Department. These are the impressive numbers that give the measure of the grandeur and liveliness of Umberto I, the Roman polyclinic par excellence.

As the reference hospital of the Faculties of "Medicine and Dentistry" and "Pharmacy and Medicine" of the University of Rome "La Sapienza", is home to the teaching center which organizes 5 master's degree courses in "Medicine and Surgery" and "Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics". It also carries out important training functions for degree courses for the healthcare professions and specialization schools.

University Hospital Policlinico Umberto I

The Challenge

Policlinico Umberto I needs a fast and secure storage device to back up the Virtual Machines of their Hyper-V cluster by snapshots with VEEAM every 15 minutes, using FC protocol, in a repository that could grant high availability, sustained performance, and minimum latency.

The Solution

QSAN XF3126D solution makes it easy for Policlinico Umberto I hospital to meet capacity, data security, and performance needs. The XEVO operating system is intuitive and easy to be managed, meanwhile, the redundant architecture of the XF3126D grants the high availability that is necessary for a critical application like the Hyper-V cluster. The choice of QSAN XF3126D with QSAN NVMe SSDs was also driven by the need to adopt a storage system that could be highly scalable in the future without having to face excessive costs or compatibility issues with third-party drives.


The Benefits

QSAN XF3126D offers 99.9999% high availability and great performance with minimal latency to back up sensitive data. The other benefit of XF3126D is that it supports data growth cost-effectively for years to come. It shows an overall sub-1 millisecond latency in actual use. It makes the utility maximized to the health care center.

The chart down below is the test result which the XF3126D shows the extremely low latency in the actual use of VMs backup during SEP.,2023.

low latency

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