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URI System


“Hypervisor Manager in XCubeNAS is a powerful yet user-friendly feature, providing us with confidence in solving complex network infrastructure challenges.”

Company Biography

URI System is a professional server hosting company in South Korea successfully operating for over 16 years. Striving to deliver the best services in the industry, URI System has recently become a distributor of ACRONIS Cloud Backup in Korea, effectively expanding its services.

The Challenge

Being advanced network solutions and services provider, we are in constant search for enhancing customer experience with both software and hardware. Global trends in Software Defined Storage push us to find more cost-effective solutions without an impact on performance and quality. This time big challenge for us was to come up with an uncompromised server backup solution in reliability, performance, and maintenance simplicity. 

The Solution

We enjoy working with Acronis Backup and QSAN Storage, and were pleasantly surprised to find Hypervisor in XN5004R capable of simultaneously running Acronis Server and Storage. Solution in short, on XN5004R, using Hypervisor Manager we have virtualized Acronis Storage 2.4 and setup NFS Host. This was a big discovery for us, since now we can significantly reduce the price of professional backup solution by removing server node and even having reliability improved. Maintenance of this setup is completely different experience.


The Benefits

1. The Best TCO

Our customers can receive uncompromised backup solution in performance, capacity, and reliability at the best TCO.

2. Improved Setup and Maintenance

Imagine there is no full server node to setup, as well as switching, it reduces total setup time by at least 30%. Further maintenance is also much simplified since both Acronis and QSAN UIs are quite intuitive. If we receive an error from backup there is only one device to check now.

3. Advanced Usability

XN5004R is only entry model in QSAN lineup but it is quite capable. We could create Multiple VMs. (Windows | Linux | SDS- Software Defined Storage and so on.) as well as provide file sharing. Plus, we have all the benefits of native software provided by QSAN: compression, deduplication, if customer needs more security for backup, there is AES-256 and even SED support.

Recommended Product

XCubeNAS 5000

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • Hypervisor Manager
  • Auto-tiering
  • De-duplication
  • XMirror
  • Write Once Read Many (WORM)