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Well-known Leading Company in EEU upgrade infrastructure with QSAN Fibre Channel SAN


“QSAN storage supports a large number of FC ports, allowing the existing iSCSI infrastructure to improve performance and better scalability under limited conditions.”

Company Biography

A significant agricultural trading and logistics operator that leverages the export potential of the grain markets supplying the Eastern European region.Thanks to its rather unique infrastructure, the company makes many contributions to increasing world food mobility.

The company group's business is focused on the highest standards of responsibility and service in supplying domestic grain to the international market as well as providing farmers with other agricultural products related, etc., offering a quality level of export business under the principle of "one window", solving any possible logistical problems, and conferring reliability of on-time delivery.

The Challenge

The group of companies is spread over several different locations, each with its own IT infrastructure. The virtual infrastructure is driven by Vmware. It includes SQL servers, mail servers, CRM, backup servers, file sharing and any other application necessary for a modern company. Now, the group of companies is modernizing its IT infrastructure smoothly due to the increasing demand for capacity and performance. The existing storage system was no longer suitable for the current service offerings in all aspects of functionality, and, many of the older devices could no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

The Solution

XCubeSAN is considered to be the most ideal solution in terms of price and efficiency performance. The system uses the LFF model so that both fast SSDs and high-capacity NL-SAS drives can be installed in the same storage system. Thanks to auto-tiering technology, data can be automatically transferred between different types of drives to improve performance without being limited to using only SSDs. In addition, the company's existing iSCSI infrastructure has been improved as a result, especially since we expect to migrate to Fibre Channel interfaces in the future. However, due to current budget constraints, it is not possible to afford expensive FC switches. But, QSAN storage supports a large number of FC ports, allowing servers to connect directly to the storage system, solving this difficulty.            

The Benefits

Recommended Product

XCubeSAN 3300

Recommended Models


Recommended Features

  • Flexible I/O Modules and Scale-up Capacity as Needed
  • Advanced Data Protection to Safeguard Assets
  • High Availability and Enterprise Reliability