Flash For All

The Best Entry-Level All-Flash Array Data Storage

Native All-Flash Array
3 X
1000 %
Response Time
8 %

With native SSD features and the world's 1st 2U26bay architecture which offers 8% more performance density, XCubeFAS provides 3 times more IOPS than our competitors and has 1000% better VDI response time than traditional SAN products, leading your business to win the war of digital transformation.

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Most Affordable All-Flash Array
up to
200 % ROI
Return on Investment
50 % Lower TCO
Total Cost of Ownership
33 .14% Lower $ /GB
Price per GB

Based on QSAN's exclusive tuning, performance will be maximized to achieve the expectations of well-known tier 1 brands without the unaffordable cost. In addition to the software advantages, our reliable system and user-friendly operation can save on manpower and overhead of equipment maintenance for the enterprise. So we provide a high-performance solution at a lower price in the entry-level product segment .

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Unique SSD Algorithm
data security
More Data Security
fastest volume rebuild time
Faster Volume Rebuild
advanced RAID 2.0
Economical RAID Rebuild

With our unique RAID algorithm, QSRAID, designed for SSD's, XCubeFAS dramatically increases the security level of RAID pools by 9.8 times and keeps IT managers free from worry of pool failure caused by SSD lifecycles. Additionally, with fast rebuild and RAID EE technology support, XCubeFAS can save significant rebuild time and provides users with a faster and more secure environment.

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SSD monitor technology
Distinct SSD Monitoring
100% Accuracy of SSD Utilization Ratio
drive writes per day DWPD

The only product in its market segment that provides the unique SSD monitoring solution to ensure accurate purchasing strategy by calculating the real DWPD companies require and generate a definitive report for your SSDs.

  • SSD Status Monitoring
  • SSD Usage Monitoring
  • Customizable SSD Notifications
  • All Can Afford
    Our All-flash array is extremely affordable compared to other AFA providers.
  • Native all-flash array
  • Cost-effective
  • Increased ROI
  • All Situations
    Our All-flash array can be deployed into any infrastructure.
  • Ultra-high performance
  • 99.9999% availability
  • Universal deployment
  • All Can Use
    Our All-flash array is extremely easy to operate and maintain.
  • Multiple Volume Create
  • Grouping Operation
  • QSLife
  • QReplica
  • QClone 2.0
  • QSnap 2.0