Life Insurer PT Generali Indonesia Achieves High Availability File Sharing with Qsan Replication

Jun 16 , 2015
Model used: TrioNAS U221
Challenge: High Availability, Disaster Recovery
Recommended features: Ease of configuration, QReplica

PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia is a subsidiary of the Generali Group; the Group was established in 1831, Trieste, Italy as one of Europe’s largest general insurance providers and the European biggest life insurer. 

As a major Insurance provider, Generali offers a range of products from its core life insurance programs to health and dental coverage at the group and individual levels. With thousands of customers, Generali is one of the largest insurance providers in Indonesia and deals with mission critical customer and business data every day.

The Challenge

With its insurance claim data critical to its daily business operations, Generali’s information systems needed to be highly available and backed up -- downtime was unacceptable. Replication seemed to be the answer, but its existing HP storage system required additional 3rd party software to implement this key enterprise functionality. With limited budgets for its IT datacenter, Generali Indonesia wanted to find the storage solution which could provide both local and remote replication for disaster recovery, without requiring to purchase additional 3rd party software and deal with the related software configuration headaches.

The Solution

Focusing on its goals of reliable, highly available storage with strong replication capability, Generali looked over the solutions in the marketplace and chose to invest in Qsan’s TrioNAS U221 storage appliance for its business-wide file sharing needs. 

The U221 was chosen for its robust data handling and enterprise features in an affordable and easy to use SAN + NAS unified solution. The U221 featured a ZFS file system that employs copy-on-write transactional semantics to avoid data inconsistencies, and self-healing architecture that enables the system to detect silent data corruption and correct error on the fly. Enterprise features such as snapshot, volume/file system cloning, and remote replication guaranteed data safety. Robust RAID support included RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, and 60. In addition, TrioNAS features Thin Provisioning to allocate disk storage space in a flexible manner based on the minimum space required, allowing Generali Indonesia to maximize the shared file space with minimum hardware outlay.

The Results

The TrioNAS U221 was configured for high storage performance with local redundancy using 5x2TB hard drives setup in RAID 5 configuration with striping and parity. Remote replication using QReplica filled in the missing piece of the puzzle, by providing disaster recovery functionality.

“We found the Qsan TrioNAS U221 easy to configure and feature-rich,” said Antonio Alberto, System Administrator for Generali Indonesia. “The built in applications like QReplica and the enterprise storage features let us do more without having to invest in more third party software.” 

TrioNAS U221 can be centrally managed by QCentral the java-based cross-platform management interface. In addition, TrioNAS U221 also features online firmware upgrade, event notification via email & SNMP, performance states, system monitoring, MAID & S.M.A.R.T. supports, start-up wizard, wake-on-LAN and web UI, making it easy for system administrators to manage enterprise storage workloads. 

Through ease of installation, as well as the strong local and remote replication features of the U221, Qsan TrioNAS fulfilled all the storage requirements of Generali Indonesia’s Insurance business and stays scalable for years to come.