XCubeNAS XN8012R

Highly scalable NAS Solution for large scale business

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  • Citrix Ready LOGO
  • Windows Server 2016 認證 LOGO
The Innovative NAS System
The XN8012R is a next generation, highly efficient NAS system which is designed for SMB and enterprise applications. The XCubeNAS is powered by the latest generation of Intel ® Kaby Lake processors and up to 64GB of DDR4 ECC RAM. Cutting edge NVMe SSD technology ready, with two additional on-board PCIe slots for blazing performance and capacity expansion.
Powerful Hardware Platform
Combined with the latest hardware technology, the XCubeNAS is able to fulfill various application demands efficiently. Extensive network bandwidth is provided, enabling the XCubeNAS to thrive in complex network environments. Additional PCIe option slots are included as standard, making the XCubeNAS a perfect device for SMB all the way up to big data applications or high performance requirements.
Moreover, the innovative mechanical design makes the XCubeNAS a versatile hybrid storage device. Without affecting existing large form factor slots, the XCubeNAS positions several small form factor bays for SATA and PCIe SSD’s at the rear side of the system, this way we can ensure that both the demands for capacity and performance can be satisfied.
The Next Generation Thunderbolt™ 3
With next generation Thunderbolt™ 3 technology, you can connect Thunderbolt™ devices to an XN8012R directly with a 40Gb/s data transmission rate. XN8012R with Thunderbolt™ 3 is capable of transferring high resolution video smoothly and handling relative workloads with ease: to copy a 4.7GB DVD video will on average take under a minute.
Our Thunderbolt™ 3 add-on card (XN-TB302) is now certified by Intel and now available for purchase.
High Speed 10G/40G Adapter Card
A 10GbE/40GbE (10 Gigabit/ 40 Gigabit Ethernet) network is essential for businesses that demand high bandwidth for virtualization, and fast backup and restore for an ever-growing amount of data. The XN8012R is an affordable and reliable storage solution for deploying a 10GbE / 40GbE environment.
Scale-Up Solution
The XN5004R provides massive scale-up capability by connecting any of our expansion enclosures. It can support up to a whopping 210 disk drives or up to 2 PB of raw storage space when using 10TB HDD drives.
Virtualization Ready Storage
XN5004R is verified with VMware® Ready™, Citrix® Ready™, and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ certified. No matter which virtualization environment you’ve adopted, the XN5004R is a practical and efficient storage system for you to deploy in any virtualization platform. QSAN’s XN5004R can be used for primary storage repositories and as a backup to existing primary storage. As a backup storage device, the XN5004R supports a comprehensive list of 3rd-party virtual machine backup software to ensures that your VMs and data are never at risk of loss.
All-in-One Business Solution
Since having a dedicated machine for each specific task rapidly becomes an expensive and inefficient solution, XN5004R allows you to enable comprehensive applications and services on your NAS, whenever you need them. Everything from file sharing to data storage, even hosting a website, the XN5004R can do it all.
IP SAN / NAS Unified Storage
The XN5004R is a multi-role storage device that can play a major role in many different applications. In the simplest scenario, the XN5004R can be a file sharing server, a simple storage device for centralized office data sharing. Its high bandwidth network ports ensure that data is quickly read from and written to the NAS. Another scenario in which to use the XN5004R is as a media editing platform.
The XN5004R has the performance and the stability for intensive media editing by a single user or by a group of users. A third example for the power of the XN5004R is as a IP surveillance storage. In the surveillance world, recording every frame is of utmost importance. The XN5004R has the power and stability to record every frame sent to it without any problems.
Leading Enterprise-level
NAS Operating System

QSM 3.0 (QSAN Storage Management3.0) is a NAS operation system for QSAN XCubeNAS series. The core of QSM is Linux kernel and in-house fine-tuning 128-bit ZFS (Petabyte File System) file system.QSM’s powerful storage features ensure persistent, reliable storage management, protection against data corruption, seamless capacity expansion, several data integrity mechanisms, pool and disk encryption protection, unlimited snapshots, and unlimited clones.
Advanced Storage Technology
XN8012R tailor-made storage pool technology effectively caters to diverse storage demands on data integrity, scalability, high performance and availability. Comprehensive RAID levels are supported to ensure data integrity under every application scenario. Pool capacity could be expanded on the fly, rapidly responding to growing needs of for capacity. The design of the XN8012R allows for creating customized storage pools and auto categorization of data based on usage. “Hot” data will be moved to front line storage while “cold” data is stored on slower disks. All this is done automatically with the XN8012R.
Wide RAID Type Support and Instant RAID
XN8012R provides comprehensive RAID levels, 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60, for various application scenarios. Each RAID type can be instantly deployed with no initialization or synchronization phase, delivering safe, protected and high-performance storage space without any delays
Fast Rebuild
When a drive fails in a RAID set, the XN5004R is capable of rebuilding the data blocks that have been used, and not the entire RAID set. This helps reduce the risk of data loss during the rebuilding process.
User Defined Pool
Thinking ahead to common usage situations, the XN5004R provides three optimized solutions for pools to achieve high performance and availability for dedicated storage applications:
  • Generic: Default type for generic file service or backup usage.
  • Media: Optimize IOPS for small packets of sequential RW and throughput for large, random packets.
  • Database: Data is synchronized between the memory cache and disks in real time for assurance of database Integrity.
Smart Auto-tiering
By using auto-tiering, it helps increase the performance of your business application without crippling your budget. The XCubeNAS features auto-tiering technology which makes the system continuously analyzes the accessing frequency of your data for better data transmission. The most frequently used data will move to higher speed tier, on the other hand, the less commonly used data will move to capacity tier. Demanding workloads of your business applications could be dramatically reduced, and the performance increased without massive investment in expensive all flash storage devices – this is all done by the XCubeNAS’s intelligent auto-tiering technology.
Deep Into SSD Caching
SSD cache is a large secondary cache that boosts data access speed by positioning SSD drives between primary DRAM memory cache and hard disks.
Thin Provisioning
“Take whatever you need.” That’s the philosophy of thin provisioning. Thin provisioning lets various services and applications use the same storage space without limiting how much of the quota can be used by each. With thin provisioning, space resources are dynamically distributed to the most demanding, responding to your business applications with higher flexibility and promising potentials.
Data Deduplication
The data deduplication feature of the XN8012R is an in- line, block-level function that checks the block similarity of data as it enters the system When duplicated blocks are found, they are not written to disk, therefore saving space.
Centralized Data Storage &
File Sharing

The XN8012R provides lightning fast and secure ways to share files with anyone, anywhere. You can explore, organize, and move files between your computer and the XN8012R, all the while, being able to customize access rights to enhance security. A seamless integrated system allows for file sharing across different computing environments, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.
Quota Control on Accounts and Share Folders
Take control of your storage space, by adding quotas (limits) to the amount of data a user can store. Users can be limited on how much data a folder can store or the quota can apply to the entire system, thus empowering the admin with complete control of what is stored on the XN5004R.
Windows AD and LDAP Directory Services

By supporting Windows AD and LDAP, the XN5004R enables seamless account integration. Up to 200,000 domain accounts can be joined onto the XN8012R and their Home folder is automatically created, helping IT administrators reduce duplicated sets of credentials and minimizing their workload in giving default account settings and new user setup.
Windows ACLs and Advanced ACLs
Access Control List (ACL) is a permission list specifying what actions specific accounts take on folders and files. Advanced ACL lets you set permissions on subfolders, whereas Windows ACL enables you to apply Windows file permission mechanisms on files and folders. With both kinds of ACL supported, IT administrators can flexibly regulate file access rules no matter what operating system they use, protecting your data from unauthorized access or theft.
Powerful Web File Explorer – File Manager
Connect/share files via the web from anywhere in the world. The XN5004R has a web-based File Manager that allows users to access their data and easily share it with anyone. And it also provides file sharing across Windows ® , Mac ® , Linux ® , iOS and Android platforms by supporting multiple file access protocols including FTP, SAMBA, CIFS, AFP, NFS, and WebDAV.
Universal & Efficient
Data Backup

The XN8012R effectively addresses the above challenges by providing comprehensive and effective backup solutions that assist you to design a complete and efficient backup solution to minimize the risk of data loss. Various storage devices, remote servers, public clouds even other XCubeNAS can be seamlessly integrated into your XN8012R, achieving an all-encompassing backup solution allowing data to be free, safely and efficiently preserved.
  • Client side backup
  • Remote backup
  • Cloud backup
  • Local backup
Client Backup to Your XN8012R- XReplicator
The most common cause of data loss is HDD failure, OS crashes or most commonly, accidental deletion. Comprehensive data backup is the solution to all your data loss woes. Backup all your data on your computer to your XN8012R with QSAN’s free untility, XReplicator. XReplicator is a free utility that’s is provided to help you easily backup an image of a disk,partition, folder or file. XReplicator is also able to backup an entire PC to the XN8012R as a bare metal backup. There is a way to quickly and simply recover your entire system, disk or file when using the XReplicator utility and the XN8012R solution.
  • Supported Windows XP or higher Windows PC.
  • Expert backup solution.
    • Backup image only stored on XCubeNAS.
    • Opened file backup support.
    • Scheduling  backup support (Monthly, weekly, daily, automatically).
    • Backup configuration for fast upload speeds (Single version, incremental and differential).
    • Personal key encryption.
    • Version control and clean up.
    • Backup filter.
Real-time Remote Replication
Data copies can be distributed to your trusted storage locations through real-time remote backup. By periodically copying data to different branches, your data can be recovered in the unfortunate event that a disaster happens. Data availability is ensured, offering businesses more options for a contingency and recovery plan.
Snapshot & Replica
Snapshots record the status of shared folders and iSCSI LUNs as changes happen on write. By periodically taking snapshots, administrators can better control data versions and execute point-in-time recovery on folders and LUNs, these can be flexibly restored to previously known good states. Replica can transport the version information to the target XCubeNAS, enabling administrators to utilize storage space based on their retention policies and space requirements.
XMirror regularly synchronizes a volume or the contents of a folder between multiple XCubeNAS devices, any modification to documents will be replicated to other XCubeNAS. By using XMirror, data on different XCubeNAS systems, data consistency and availability is ensured.
  • Support Volume and Folder mirror.
  • 1-way (unidirectional): data modification of the local NAS will be synchronized to the remote, but any data modification of remote NAS will not be reflected.
  • 2-way (bi-directional): any data modification of a NAS will be synchronized to the others.
  • Version control (64 versions).
Amazon S3 Backup
The XN8012R comes integrated with Amazon’s award-winning enterprise cloud service, Amazon ® S3 enables users to backup the whole array to a remote site instead of another XCubeNAS or devices.
Build Your Own Cloud
Using Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox, you can build a hybrid cloud which allows you to access and backup the files on mobile devices, PCs, or thin clients anytime and anywhere. The XCubeNAS can be a cloud gateway to bridge your public cloud and private content and act as a central access point.
Security & Data Protection
The growing tide of data breaches, leaks, and malicious software means your data security systems and procedures are vital. Our QSM for XN5004R was built on a security-first ideology, it can offer you full protection of the data within your XN5004R. Tools are provided to prevent protect the system from hacking, and interception of data, theft, and accidental deletion.
Furthermore, using the inbuilt Anti-Virus, you can add tasks, scanning the entire NAS or selected folder with specific schedule.
Write Once Read Many (WORM)
WORM technology is design to prevent intentional or accidental modification of data in a certain period. Files and folders under WORM’s protection can only be read in a user defined period, it’s unable to modify any files or folders until the period has expired. WORM it can protect your data from encryption-based ransomware that installs covertly on a victim’s system and encrypt their files, making them inaccessible. WORM will protect your confidential data from unauthorized modification and threat, ensuring the correctness and integrity of your data.
Self-Encrypting Drive (SED)
XN8012R can be much safer more than you can image with the disk self-encrypting technology called SED (Self-Encrypting Drive). With the technology, even if the physical drive is stolen or misplaced, the data on it remains protected against data breach by generating the authentication key (AK) to prevent the unauthorized access. However, the SED offered by QSAN provides the secured pools migration between different XCubeNASs and easy to manage the key by exporting AK for more efficient.
Pool Encryption with AES-256
XN8012R pool encryption mechanism ensures secured storage environment for any user who wants to modify data must first pass authentication. The XN8012R supports up to AES 256-bit encryption for internal drives and external USB/eSATA drives, and adopts a military level FIPS 140-2 validated encryption, which is considered to be the highest security certification for compliance.
The built-in antivirus function periodically scans files automatically quarantining suspicious files to protect the system from potential threats.
Access Your Data Anywhere
XN8012R provides free DDNS services so you can pick your own domain name and easily connect from anywhere. This is rather useful when your broadband has a floating IP address that changes frequently. Furthermore you can use your DDNS domain name to access your XN8012R via the Xccess Mobile app for Android and iOS. If your NAS is located behind a NAT router, you can enable UPnP port forwarding to easily access your NAS.
*Available March 2018




Intel® Xeon® 3.3GHz 四核心處理器


8GB DDR4 ECC U-DIMM(最大可擴充至 64GB)


*Note: The pre-install memory modules may need to be replaced when expanding the memory.


USB 3.0 x4 (後面)

USB 2.0 x1 (前面)






3.5'' HDD 附鎖硬碟糟 x8

2.5'' 固態硬碟糟 x4

2.5'' PCIe SSD 硬碟糟 x2

3.5'' HDD 附鎖硬碟糟 x12

2.5'' 固態硬碟糟 x4

2.5'' PCIe SSD 硬碟糟 x2


14:8 (LFF disk ) + 4 (SFF disk) + 2 (PCIe SSD disk)18:12 (LFF disk ) + 4 (SFF disk) + 2 (PCIe SSD disk)


90 TB:10TB x8 + 2TB x4 + 1TB x2


130 TB:10TB x12 + 2TB x4 + 1TB x2



SATA 6Gb/s (backward compatible with SATA 3Gb/s)


PCIe Gen3x8 適用40 GbE, SAS 擴充卡

PCIe Gen3x4 適用10 GbE, Thunderbolt 3.0 擴充卡


1 GbE LAN (RJ45) x4

(H x W x D)

19'' Rackmount:88.5 x 438 x 510 mm


FCC Class A • CE Class A • BSMI Class A • VCCI Class A • RCM Class A • KCC Class A

Unified Storage

  • NAS application server (Gigabit/10GbE/40GbE NIC)
  • iSCSI storage (Gigabit/10GbE/40GbE NIC)
  • Direct attached storage with Thunderbolt 3.0 (40GbE/s)

File Server

  • File sharing across Windows/Mac/Linux/UNIX and centralized management

FTP 伺服器

  • Supports data access from remote location via FTP
  • 支援SSL/ TLS (explicit)模式
  • 支援 FXP
  • 頻寬控制及連線設定
  • Passive FTP通訊埠範圍設定


  • 支援市售備份軟體 : Acronis True Image、CA Brightstor ARCserve Backup、EMC Restrospect、Symantec Backup Exec、LaCie Silverkeeper
  • Snapshot replica
  • Time Machine備份伺服器
  • 外部儲存裝置備份
  • 區塊層級的本地克隆(local cloning)及遠程複製
  • 支援XMirror (多點資料同步)
  • 支援雲端備份 : Amazon S3
  • 支援雲端同步 : Google Drive、Windows One Drive、Dropbox


  • 內建phpMyAdmin

SQL 伺服器

  • 內建MariaSQL伺服器

VPN 伺服器

  • 支援OpenVPN、PPTP、IPSec+L2TP


  • 載入/匯出虛擬機
  • 虛擬機備份
  • 虛擬機快照
  • 使用者權限設定
  • 支援虛擬交換器
  • 支援虛擬交換器
  • 支援Windows、Linux、Android、Unix


  • 64位元嵌入式 Linux

NAS Discovery

  • Utility
  • Cloud web page


  • IPv4, IPv6 and DDNS domain name registration (QSAN Cloud)
  • Auto port forwarding


  • 支援VLAN
  • Port Trunking/NIC Teaming (模式: Balance-RR、Active Backup、Balance XOR、Broadcast、IEEE 802.3ad/Link Aggregation、Balance-TLB、Balance-ALB)
  • 多重網路埠IP設定
  • Gigabit 巨型網路封包


  • ZFS file system
  • EXT2 (Virtual Volume)
  • EXT3 (Virtual Volume)
  • EXT4 (Virtual Volume)
  • FAT (Virtual Volume)
  • NTFS (Virtual Volume)


  • Windows
  • Mac OS X
  • Linux (2.6 or later) and UNIX


  • 單一磁碟,RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60及JBOD (Linear Disk Volume)
  • 支援多個磁碟卷及儲存池
  • 儲存池類型 : 一般、多媒體串流、資料庫
  • 線上即時儲存池及磁碟卷容量擴充
  • 儲存池及磁碟卷使用上限自動通知
  • 支援加密硬碟SED (Self Encrypting Drives)及儲存池加密功能
  • 儲存池寫入快取
  • 儲存池資料清洗(Scrub)
  • 轉換已克隆磁碟卷
  • 虛擬磁碟(掛載遠端iSCSI target的磁碟)
  • 可設定未使用磁碟及備援磁碟
  • 支援磁碟S.M.A.R.T.參數
  • 內建iSCSI target及initiator 服務
  • 外部磁碟裝置管理
  • 全域及專屬熱備援磁碟
  • 立即可用RAID儲存空間馬上建立馬上可用,並支援快速RAID重建
  • 自動分級儲存(Auto Tiering)
  • SSD讀/寫快取(SSD caching)
  • SSD讀/寫快取(SSD caching)
  • 快照 (檔案目錄及LUN)
  • 區塊層級資料壓縮(資料卷及LUN)
  • Thin Provision for LUN
  • 支援SSD Trim


  • 本機/網域使用者及群組管理
  • 本機/網域使用者及群組應用程式特權
  • 本機/網域使用者配額
  • 家目錄(Home folder)
  • Windows Active Directory 及 LDAP
  • 支援信任網域及 200,000 個網域使用者帳號


  • 進階檔案權限管理 ACL
  • Windows ACL
  • 在Windows網路環境的共用資料夾隱藏功能
  • 支援Unicode內碼
  • 支援 WORM (一次寫入多次讀取)
  • 資料夾使用上限自動通知
  • 共用資料夾配額管理


  • NTP time settings
  • 訊息通知: Email、日誌管理Syslog、SMS、SNMP (v2 & v3)、警報器
  • 網路資源回收桶
  • 系統設定載入/備份/恢復/重置
  • 防毒保護
  • 智慧風扇轉速控制
  • IP過濾器及基於設定規則的禁止未經授權的IP存取資料
  • Secure remote login by SSH connection
  • Connection list management
  • 網路資源回收桶
  • 可載入SSL認證
  • 完整的即時資源監控和系統監控


  • 內部磁碟休眠
  • 定時開機/關機
  • 網路喚醒(Wake on LAN)
  • 支援USB及網路不斷電系統 (UPS)
  • 異常斷電後自動復原


  • 服務綁定(service binding)


  • System log
  • System connection and data transfer log


  • 繁中、簡中、英文、法文、德文、義大利文、日文、韓文、俄文、波蘭文


  • 檔案總管
  • 內嵌檔案播放器
  • 篩選器
  • Mount Cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox)
  • 支援ISO 映像檔
  • CIFS, FTP, SFTP 及 WebDAV client
  • 共享目錄連結(share link)
  • Team folder sharing
  • 公開上傳至社群媒體Facebook, Twitter, Weibo
  • 多媒體資料庫
  • 媒體串流影片管理
  • 線上文件預覽及編輯
  • Transcoding (線上/離線)及壓縮


  • Data service: CIFS, AFP, NFS, FTP, WebDAV
  • Backup service: Rsync
  • Discover service: Bonjour


  • Windows: Hyper-V, storage space
  • VMware: VMware 6.5 ready, VAAI, SRM
  • Citrix: Citrix 7.0 ready


  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Google Chrome


  • XFinder(NAS 搜尋器)
  • XRplicator (Windows 環境的備份工具)

Mobile App

  • Xccess (iOS及Android平台)
    *Available March 2018


系統 : 3



工作溫度 : 0  40°C
非工作溫度 : -10  50°C


工作相對溼度 : 20%  80% 不結露的狀態
非工作相對溼度 : 10%  90%

Form Factors Models

2U 14-bay (8+4+2)


2U 18-bay (12+4+2)


*1. XN8008R wil be avaliabe in Q4 2017
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XN8012R Right Side View
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