Thunderbolt™ 3

Thunderbolt™ 3
Next Generation Thunderbolt 3 NAS
With our next generation NAS with Thunderbolt 3 technology, you are able to connect Thunderbolt devices directly to your QSAN NAS with a 40 GB/s data transmission rate. Using our NAS with Thunderbolt 3, users are able to transfer high-resolution videos smoothly and quickly. On average, it takes less than a minute to copy a 4.7GB video using our XN8008T.
Thunderbolt 3 40Gb/s
The First Egalitarian Thunderbolt 3 NAS
QSAN doesn't discriminate. We believe that every creative professional, no matter how large or small-scale they may be, should have the opportunity to use a TB3 NAS. That's why we made our entire NAS product line Thunderbolt 3 ready. If your business only requires 8 TB, or demands 288 TB of data storage space, but still needs Thunderbolt 3, we have an entire line-up for users to choose from depending on your requirements. No longer do you need to be without.
TB3 NAS for big media
A NAS Powerhouse

With QSAN's innovative Operating System, QSM, users are able to easily connect their work station and their XCubeNAS.

With the added XFinder utility, connecting you XCubeNAS is no longer a multi-step process. Simply plug and go.
Painlessly Implement your NAS in your Work Station
Lightning-fast Performance
Thunderbolt 3 NAS performance numbers
Improve Efficiency in your Workflow
Based on performance, we also offer RAID, File-sharing,  Performance + General Nas usage
QSAN's Unique Functions
Xmirror - sync your files up to 8 devices / 8 location - Disaster recovery - 8 people can also work on the same file same time.

Share Link - Easy generate a link and share your work to costumers, friends, colleagues. 

Q: Why am I getting slow read performance while testing through Thunderbolt 3 interface?

A: On the Mac OS, the default setting would enable the SMB Signing. This SMB Signing enhances the safety of data transmission. However, it will cause slow performance when using SMB signing.

Solution: We suggest disabling SMB Signing for better performance. You may refer to the below steps to disable SMB signing.
  1. Create an nsmb.conf file and type this command: sudo touch /etc/nsmb.conf
  2. Modify the nsmb.conf file and type this command: sudo vi /etc/nsmb.conf
  3. Type the below value to disable SMB signing: [default] signing_required=no
  4. Click esc and then type "ZZ" to save the setting.

Q: Why am I getting stuck and operating abnormally while using Thunderbot interface to run video editing on Windows?

A: Under normal circumstances with Thunderbolt connection between NAS and video editing client, performance of previewing files loading from NAS can be affected by factors on client such as:
  1. Thunderbolt adaptor card option : RSS (Receive Side Scaling)
    Recommendation: Set to "Disable" (Updated Thunderbolt driver if this option cannot be found)
  2. Thunderbolt Driver
    Recommendation: Make sure your driver is updated to the latest version
  3. MTU of Thunderbolt port
    Recommendation: Set to "9000"
  4. Graphic Card Driver
    Recommendation: Make sure your driver is updated to the latest version
Q: Why can I only get around 22Gbps performance when testing through Thunderbolt 3 interface?

A: For Thunderbolt 3 interface, it has 40Gbps bandwidth and 22Gbps for data translation, 18Gbps for display. Therefore, you can only get around 22Gbps performance when testing through Thunderbolt 3 interface.

QSAN Thunderbolt 3 Accessories
Certified 40 Gbps Cables

HBA Card
Thunderbolt 3 Certified Cable
Thunderbolt 3 HBA Card
Host Bus Adapter